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Legion wrote: Dalik and I had a space-themed RP brewing up on FCF all them years ago but activity died around them which caused it to become deceased. Could try and find all the stuff we wrote up on that and put it here for the eye to see.
I've still got most of it on my computer. I'd have to go dig through my old PC, but it's all there if you're up for trying to fix it. Me and Goggins were discussing reviving this for a while on FCF. I figured it would just die again, but I could attempt to bring it here.

Doctor wrote: Yes, well, before this thread become riddled with spam and de-railed I will nod to the seconding of my Mass Effect RP and say that I suppose I'll make that thread I mentioned sometime this week.
I'd be down for that. I also like the idea of merging that with some of the stuff from Infinite Colossus, which was that massive space RP Arc talked about.

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