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The day started just like any other day. Throbbing headache, a vague awareness as to what happened the previous night and the smell. Oh god, the smell. Everyday he would wake from his drunken slumber to the intoxicating smell of last night's dinner, mixed with an ample amount of gastric juices. Yes, today was a typical morning for Jack Shephard.

Finally managing to stumble his way to the washroom, Jack haphazzardly washed out the dried up flakes of vomit still caught in his beard.

'You're pathetic,' he thought to himself. 'Just like your old man.' The memories of last night started to come back. So many young men he shamelessly came onto. Not even one of them would consider coming home with him, not even out of pity. Jack felt embarassed for himself. Perhaps he should just kill himself and be done with it.

He heard a soft thud at his doorstep. It was the morning newspaper. Besides his TV, the paper was the only thing he had that still connected him to the rest of society. He flipped to the personal section as he always did, to find people as lonely as he was.

Young white blond male...

Blonde! Just like Sawyer was blonde. Jack became so overwhelmed with emotion at having been reminded of his previous heartbreak, that he started to weep into the newspaper. The ink smudged as the tears stormed out.


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