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Jin had just finished burning down a house of helpless orphans for not knowing the answers to any of the questions plaguing his mind. It was a typical day, and he was growing bored and weary which meant that he was getting more and more irritable. He sighed softly, heading into town and gathering his sanity back for the time being. There was nothing like torturing the weak that didn't make him feel at peace.

"I'm all out of options..."

Then, in the back alley that he was walking through, a piece of tossed out paper got stuck to the heel of his boot. Tearing it off, he noticed it was an AD.
Young white blond male, 6', independently wealthy, inexperienced but curious, WLTM men aged 18-35, ethnicity immaterial, to expand social circle and whatever may come from that. Interests include cat, guns, masterminding boardroom coups, haute couture and light opera. Discretion guaranteed.

'Brother wouldn't resort to this... would he?'
Jin thought, after reading the highlighted material. The description didn't seem to fit, but then again, it was very possible that he could have gone into hiding and was now desperate for a companion. The interest in cats, guns, and light opera pretty much gave away that it was him anyway. He could be such an obvious fool sometimes! Tossing the paper aside, he lifted his hand skillfully in the air and summoned forth his magical ice car, which he drove through anyone that got in his way. If he was going to arrive, he was going to arrive


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