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Arya Stark wrote: You keep saying that when it's already been discussed that it wasn't in reference to Rishi, but a quote by Rishi. In which case (in the point you made following this) the original reason for his infraction is moot. Omega didn't insult Rishi, neither did Ryu. But she was offended by both.
I know that's not what the context of the post was, but that's what we saw and believed it to be, hence our immediate action.

Sometimes people just don't get along. And that's separate from the fact that Ryu KNOWS (and has stated such) that Rishi doesn't like him and is creeped out by him. So I have to seriously question WHY he would make a tasteless joke in response to her. (Especially considering that was one of the reasons given the last time he seriously offended someone.) Maybe he needs to be told not to do that with her anymore. And if it continues, then serious action needs to be taken. So you say to Rishi, yeah it was offensive but there's nothing we can do. But do you want members feeling uncomfortable visiting and posting on the forum? Several "dark jokes" have been reported before. Ryu's is not the first, and I doubt it will be the last.
Ask Ryu yourself. I can't speak to him in regards to that. And in regards to Rishi, I never said we couldn't do anything. We said there was no moderation action that we could do. But we're more than happy to mediate something that can allow some sort of resolution, apology and/or understanding about this.

But in regards to pen-to-paper referencing of the rules and infracting. No, that is not something actionable. We do not want members being uncomfortable, but we also don't want members expecting us to resolve every personal issue that comes their way, or censoring how people post. Likewise, we do not want to foster an atmosphere where the only way people resolve conflict is by using others as middlemen and reporting things rather than just being mature and talking to them as human beings.
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