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ForceStealer wrote: That was very cool, I liked that they were different arrangements from the Distant Worlds ones we usually hear (not that I dislike those of course). I liked the more obvious piano in this Opening Bombing Mission.

Hearing Cait Sith's Theme and Interrupted by Fireworks was fantastic, those were great. Cait Sith's was super fun, and Interrupted by Fireworks was a little goosebumps-inducing

The Cosmo Canyon performance was lovely, though as I've said before, I've yet to hear an orchestration of that song capture the oomph of the original. Hopefully the remake retains the very-forward drums and background electric guitar chords. But still, that was beautiful on the bamboo flute.

And while we've all had our fill of OWA, I like hearing it without the choir (now if they just stopped cutting away for game footage, lol) I always liked the purely instrumental extension they stuck into Advent Children Complete's version. And I love the castanets in this!
100% agree with every word here.

I love how chill and transparent Uematsu is about his inspirations, there’s no pretense in the man. Another composer wouldn’t have pointed to Pink Panther specifically, show biz may demand that they say “1960s swingin’ jazz feel” to seem more like a pioneer. I don’t think Uematsu knows he’s a pioneer. That edamame video shows just how real the dude is.
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