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Default TLS Awards '10

That old topic will hardly encourage other people to participate, so we'll be doing it this way. Just PM me your nominations.

This topic will handle the nominations, it will run from today, November 11 until Tuesday, November 30, nearly three weeks from now.

For those of you that weren't here or don't remember:
  • You may make nominations for as many or as few categories as you like.
  • PM your nominations to me, ONCE.
  • Do not nominate yourself, please.

Just copypaste the category and put your nomination next to it like so:

Biggest fuckwit: MakoEyes
So without further ado:


01. Best Male Member:
02. Best Female Member:
03. Best Site Staff:
04. Best Super Mod:
05. Best Admin:
06. Hottest Female:
07. Hottest Male:
08. Nicest:
09. Meanest:
10. Funniest:
11. Best Avatar:
12: Best Signature:
13. Most Predictable:
14. Most Likely to get Banned:
15. Most Improved:
16. Best n00b:
17. Best Quality Poster:
18. Biggest Drama Whore:
19. Most Annoying:
20. Most Helpful:
21. Most Active:
22. Most Missed:
23. Member You'd Most Like to Meet IRL:
24. Bounciest Boobies:
25. Most Pistoning pen0r:
26. Least Likely to get an Award:
Still you are all welcome to nominate awards you would like to see voted on, and if I get more than a few, they will be.

Once the nominations are in, if you remember, I'll post the polls which will run for the month of December and the winners will be awarded around Christmas/New Years.

If another mod has more confidence than I, feel free to open this, but I'm done with it.

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