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Quexinos wrote: I see you're making a thread in the intro and depart section. Lemme guess "I'm leaving because the staff sucks." I find it amusing that you don't like the very staff that let you get away with calling people fags, niggers, and various other forms of insults.

I don't see them needing to do much.
I should just call you a bitch a be done with it, because you act so dense it's hilarious. Since extenuating circumstances are going to keep me from coming here, and I've already request a ban, I certainly should. I wish I could say I was leaving because "OMG STAFF IZ SO MEANS" but I don't have that luxury.

Staff hasn't let me get away with shit, and every time I've outright flamed someone I was warned for it. So stuff it and keep it stuffed. Oh and for your information, the only person on staff that I supposedly don't "like"(even then that's going too far) is MOG, and I've mostly never been friendly with him in general.

I like a lot of the people on staff, but that's not a "OH I'LL AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU'VE DONE" pass.

I like how people are just complaining for the sake of complaining
I wasn't, I just wanted an answer to a simple question and people just ducked and dodged for no reason.
How many of you actually frequent the compilation sections?
I do.
How many of you are actually bothered by the moderators who, really, are only just members with special privileges to keep things organized when they run out of hand?
I just wanted to know exactly why the guy was made a mod instead of just site staff. Especially when I heard that Tennyo was going to become a mod instead.

It's only a moderator, lighten up. Besides, most of you have already indicated you don't like the site or how it's run, so do you actually care?
Lighten up? I'm sorry but where are the torches and pitchforks? The angry accusations and rage infused essays about how awful the site is? The fact is at best you guys got a handful of disgruntled members that make sarcastic remarks and quips when something they don't approve of happens suddenly for no reason. Fact is you guys have gotten off easy and things have never been as bad as both members and staff would like you to think.

Yes I cared, I do like this site, and I don't think I want to see it fail.

But it doesn't matter anymore, it just doesn't.

You guys can go ahead and ban me now.

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