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Ⓐaron wrote: She didn't say he's not deserving. She asked how he was more deserving than other candidates listed. To which staff's answer is apparently, "He knows Japanese, lol."
If you think that was the only reason he was appointed then you have missed the point.

For the record, I don't want to join this staff. If a number of changes were made in the staff roster I might consider it, but honestly I quit from FFR where I still like everyone because I don't care about Final Fantasy enough to bother staffing a board based around it, so I probably wouldn't staff here either even if I did agree with everything the staff were doing.

Why is "I don't know him" not a valid base argument? To perform staff duties effectively, a member needs rapport with members. A two-month-old member can't just come in and hand out infractions to people who have been there since the beginning of the forum. It'd be seen as a joke and widely lambasted. If a person is to be taken seriously enforcing the rules, he already needs to be respected by the community, or else his decisions are going to be constantly questioned. Not that this staff doesn't do a good enough job getting itself questioned with the people who had already been on staff, but really, do you need to add to your work load? Seriously.
Because that's based entirely on popularity, and if the only members who can be staff are those that are popular and well known to others, then that just makes the position a glorified popularity puppet position. It doesn't matter how long the member's been here or how popular they are. If you can't accept and respect enforcement of the forum's rules, regardless of who the person is in the position to respectfully and fairly shepherd and ensure compliance with said rules, then there's a problem. A police officer fresh out of the academy and new to a precinct where they've never lived before is to at least be acknowledged and respected in the position they're in because they're fulfilling their duty, regardless of how green they are.
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