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Ⓐaron wrote: No, I'm not. Don't put words in my mouth.
I'm not putting words in your mouth, I'm making a summation of what I feel our disagreement is.

I never said there should be. I simply said a staff member should already be well known to the member base.
I disagree to a point, here. Tres isn't a faceless automaton here, and he's just as qualified as anyone else here and will be known as he acts as a member here. There is no reason at all they can't get to know him now.

I'm sorry, but that's the only trait you've mentioned that distinguishes him from other candidates.
The fact he's an individual several staffers are familiar with, accept, and feel confidence in, doesn't distinguish him at all?

Celes, Tennyo, and Ninira all have fresh ideas, a positive attitude, and experience. So you still haven't answered what distinguishes Tres from the other candidates mentioned.
Fresh as in, he hasn't been apart of this particular forum and we'd like someone new to add to our bunch as well. That's not the same thing.

Yes but I note that none of them had started criticising the staff before they were appointed to it. Apparently my point has once again flown directly over your head.
So what? The fact we have several members on staff with differing viewpoints and opinions isn't lost at all because of that. You're tying unrelated points together now.
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