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Ⓐaron wrote: Well, from observing how this instance went over, I think you could probably infer that in the future gauging the public's reaction before staffing someone would be a much better idea.
Really? It seems that the problems raised regarding this appointment would've happened regardless of if we said it before, or after. It was about who he was and his credentials, not about when or how it was announced. And I honestly don't see why there is no sense of good faith or trust in the staff's one appointment we've done to replace an AWOL staffer. What's the point in us being given the trust and responsibility to use our judgment as staff if its going to be completely mistrusted? I could see this level of dubiousness and doubt if the guy was suddenly made the admin of our site or something, but for something as mundane as a moderator? That really confuses me.

This strikes me as a pretty poor analogy, since there are substantial differences between a forum and a business. The sole aim of a business is to generate profits for its shareholders. Honestly, this generates a lot of problems in our society, but that's a rant for another thread. A forum, by contrast, has to please most of its member base most of the time if it wants to maintain a decent level of activity, which I assume you guys do (though some things I've seen make me wonder). There may be the completely off chance every once in awhile that an outsider will be able to come in and understand the community perfectly, but generally it seems to me that in nearly all cases, someone who knows the community already and has a pretty good gauging of what the members want would be a much better choice than someone who's completely new to the forum, no matter how much experience that person has moderating other communities. The simple fact is that each community is completely unique. Insights gleaned from one community may be somewhat helpful on others, but they can't be transferred over one to one. Expecting a person with little experience at a forum to be able to moderate that forum's users as well as someone who's been there from the beginning is putting a pretty high demand on that person, and honestly I think it's both unwise and, really, unfair.
Oui. I'm going to stop making analogies now

Knowing Tres, I and other staff are more than confident he'll be a great addition to staff and he'll fall under those "completely off chances every once in awhile." Tres isn't going to be doing it alone, and we'll of course be helping him. If things go wrong, we'll be on top of it. In fact, I'll take personal responsibility for it. And honestly, I don't see how it's unfair to anyone seeing as how we had no plans of promising anyone else moderator status, nor made any agreements either.

Anyways, it's getting late, and I'm gonna have to get to bed for work. I hope you don't take our disagreement personally and will give Tres a chance. Don't know if it means anything but I certainly don't think less of you over a disagreement here or whatever. It's just the way life is.

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