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Destrillians: The Beach House (Day Two)

Telran awoke to the blinding light of the morning sun. None of the boys had remembered to close the blinds when they settled down to sleep the night before. He yawned and stretched outwards, checking the clock in the middle of the room.

8am, he thought. Early enough for breakfast.

He opened up the large cupboard that he had unpacked his stuff into, all the while being careful not to disturb either Lokka or Kram from their slumber. He quickly got dressed into a yellow tee and a pair of dark shorts. He had never been one for wearing shorts, but then back at home there was never much call for it. The door creaked open as he crept out of the room, making his way down the two flights of stairs. He could smell something being made in the kitchen before he had even got there, although he wasn't too sure what it was that was being made. He had managed to have this question answered for him as he got into the kitchen and saw Stolz running about clumsily with all kinds of ingredients. Kerr had obviously been awoken by the child as he was sat on one of the kitchen stools, head rested on his arm in a very fatigued fashion.

"Guess who's making waffles!" Stolz screamed.

Telran realised then that his efforts to creep silently downstairs had been wasted, as the child's shriek echoed throughout the house.

An hour later, all of the Destrillians were awake and downstairs. Most of them were seated in either the kitchen, or the eating area. Kram was now rushing around the kitchen after Stolz, who seemed to be making a mess wherever they went. Lokka, Emma and Terra were sitting down eating their 'waffles', although the shape and nature of the food suggested that it was not yet a known recipe. Without warning, Fiona lept up onto the very table the were eating at and placed her hands on her hips.

"Listen up, chumps!" her voice boomed, getting the attention of everyone. "I better see everyone's ass on the beach in an hour, or I'll make you wish you only had to deal with the heat of that sun out there!" She then seemed to stare right at Lokka who had barely looked up from his plate. "Some of you might burn either way." Lokka glared at the girl before returning to his food.

"Theres no way I'm going to the beach," Kerr said from his arm chair in the lounge area. "Not going to happen."

An hour and ten minutes later, the Destrillians arrived at the beach - Kerr included. Most were in some kind of swimwear, although Terra and Kerr seemed not to be, the latter likely trying to hold some kind of dignity. Kram had gone off to the local mall on his own to get some picnic food for the group, and secretly hoped to purchase some kind of inflatable boat for the sea. They set down most of their stuff on a very secluded part of the beach, almost hidden away from the rest of it by large rocks and huge palm trees.

"Are you sure you don't want to come in just a little bit, get your feet wet?" Emma said, her palm resting on Terra's shoulder.

Its ohkay emma, you haf fun, the girl told her, a grateful smile on her face.

Emma nodded and made her way to the water, with Thetis not far behind her. Some of the others also got into the water, leaving Fiona, Kerr and Terra behind.

"You're not coming in?" Thetis yelled at her partner.

"No way! I can get a great tan from right over here!"

"You big wimp," Thetis commented, knowing that Fiona could be quite easily provoked. The red babe stood up almost immediately and made a mad dash for the sea, intent on tackling Thetis. The blue-haired girl was thrown face-first under water by the contact. Emma, nearby, had been partially caught in the splash, and was not enjoying the fact that half of her hair was now wet.

Kram had been shopping in the supermarket next to the beach for about twenty minutes now. He had picked up a lot of groceries for the house, as well as some food and drink for the beach. He was now standing looking at two items, trying to decide between them. One of them was a large, green, inflatable crocodile. The other was an equally large inflatable boat. He cursed himself for not being able to decide between the two. On the one hand, the boat could fit multiple people inside it, and would be a great way to travel their portion of the ocean. On the other hand, if he had the crocodile, he would be very popular among the others and they would all be dying to have a turn on it. As he tried to make his decision he noticed a certain person who had been standing looking at him. He turned around to this person and grinned.

"Um hey uh--" He started but was cut off by his sheer surprise, dropping his bags of groceries. "Oh.."

Back on the beach, Thetis had been swimming underwater, testing just how deep the ocean was in this particular area. A movement, glimpsed out of the corner of her left eye, startled her; she motioned around to look that way and saw a rather large electric blue fish. It hadn't moved since she had been looking at it--it was almost motionless in the water, staring at her. A few moments passed by, Thetis staying almost glued to the spot as well as the mysterious fish, competing in what could only be known as the first cross-species staring contest. Then just like that, the fish swam away. Thetis blinked a few times to try and make out whether she was conscious or not, and then swam to the surface.

Kerr, meanwhile, had set up a rather large umbrella to keep his portion of the beach in the shade. He sat down on his towel and momentarily glanced at Terra who had been playing with a small albino mouse.Kerr had certainly seen the mouse before, but he couldn't quite place where from. Either way he ignored it and closed his eyes, happy to get a quiet moment.

"Hola Seņor."

Kerr opened his eyes, only to be disappointed with the apparent return of Kram. The boy also had someone with him, a female who he did not recognise.

"Kerr, Terra; I want you to meet my uh- close friend, Tao!" Kram said motioning towards her as if illustrating the words 'Ta-dah!'.

In response, the gravity Destrillian just closed his eyes as they had been before. Terra greeted her with a warm smile and, before long, so did the others as they returned to the sand. Stolz had climbed atop Telran's shoulders and was now navigating him in the direction of the new person, eager to say hello.

Lokka and Idris had been the only ones left in the water, having not yet seen Tao's arrival on the beach. They had been idly floating by, letting the current sweep them further down the coast. Before long they were on a completely different portion of the beach, still equally deserted though.

Well, almost deserted.

"CANONBALL!" There was a massive splash next to them instantly after the words had been shouted. Idris and Lokka just looked at each other, both of them knowing full-well the source of the noise. Before long, the 'source' had risen to the surface.

"Ha! You kids have gotta lotta catchin' up to do to beat this tan!"

The two pale-skinned Destrillians smiled in response, watching as Nova returned to the beach. Both of them then looked away, almost flinching from the sight of his bright orange speedos. Deciding a time they deemed safe to look back, they did so, now seeing Jettison also on the beach with him.

"We're set up just over there," Idris shouted, pointing in the general direction of the other Destrillians, before giving a friendly smile. Lokka nodded at the two as they grabbed their stuff and moved along. It was turning out to be quite the gathering here.

"Okay!" yelled Fiona, once again addressing the entire group, who were at this point all out of the water and drying off. "Lets get all you assholes up - it's volleyball time and I'm not getting the lazy team." The girl looked around the group. "Which one of you is gonna captain the team I beat to a pulp?"

There was a long pause, almost as if nobody wanted to directly compete with Fiona's leadership skills. However, somebody did feel up to the challenge.

"Alright then, I'll make sure my team wins. But I'm getting the pretty ones yo'," Nova boomed.

Kerr wasn't exactly sure why Nova would consider him pretty, but he was for some reason picked to be on the large mans team; alongside Tao, Emma, Terra and Thetis. He was naturally going to not get involved in the game, but a run in with the two boisterous personalities had ensured that it wouldn't be that easy. Fiona had on her team Lokka, Telran (who had Stolz still mounted on his shoulders,) Kram, Jettison and Idris.

"Okay then," Lokka announced. "Normal volleyball rules, no powers allowed. First team to 25 points wins, losing team buys the drinks."

"Lets play some volleyball bitches!" Nova shouted as the first ball was hit by Tao on his team.

Telran had been having a hard time keeping up with the game so far. Stolz had stayed on his shoulders, keeping the teams even, but it also meant that he had a lot of trouble manoeuvering around on the sand. It didn't help that Stolz was leaning whichever way they felt like, with no concern for the poor person underneath them.

"Mine!" Stolz squeeled as the ball came right toward them. The child almost jumped off of Telran's shoulders as they hit the ball, causing the tattooed man to stumble a little afterward. He wondered just how long he could keep it up.

Terra, meanwhile, was having her own difficulty keeping up with the flow of the game. Often though, she was being picked up by Nova in order to hit the ball. Whilst he did this with no warning, Terra was very thankful that he was keeping her well-included. Nova unknowingly received a glare from a certain blue-haired Destrillian on the opposing team because of this.

Idris had got really into the spirit of the competition without realising it. Afterall, nobody else on their team was eager enough to compete with Fiona's enthusiasm for the game, mainly because they didn't want to get an elbow to the face. She jumped up and whacked the ball clean into the other area, earning a point, much to Thetis' annoyance as she had just missed it.

"Nice job Baldy, but you've got a lot of catching up to do!" Fiona called out, making faces at Thetis from the other side of the net.

Tao hit the ball hard from her side of the net--harder than she'd intended. It soared through the air and hit Kram square in the face while his attention was elsewhere. He fell to his knees, his face now in the sand. He looked up and laughed as Tao began to apologize;
Fiona, meanwhile, only turned her nose up.

"Jeez, why'd I pick the weaker one?"

Lokka barely managed to send back the ball after another massive blow from Nova. The man had arms like steel it seemed, and it was wearing them down. The white-haired man turned around to one of his less enthusiastic teammates.

"How'd he get to be so strong anyway?" he asked, slightly panting for breath.

Jettison smiled, something so far unseen. "The man is what he is."

The score was 18-14 to Nova's team, and the entire atmosphere was heating up - although it was entirely possible that this was due to Fiona's anger at so far losing the game. She smacked the ball toward Emma who returned it, but not before recoiling slightly as she touched it.

"That ball is scalding hot! Fiona, are you using your powers?" she said angrily.

The girl laughed. "Ha, come on. It's not THAT bad!"

From that point on the game changed a fair amount. Lokka's rule of not using powers seemed to have worn off, which meant each member contributing whatever they could. At this point nobody wanted to be on the losing team. It wasn't about points anymore, it was about survival.

The game continued but before long the Destrillians were distracted by a large wave sweeping over one side of the playing field, knocking Telran off his balance with Stolz falling down into the wet sand. Coincidently the side of the field affected was the opposite side to the one which Thetis was on. She smiled a little as she scored a point while the team was distracted. The joy only lasted up untill Jettison scored her own point by hitting the ball, managing to split it into 3 identical balls with her own powers. Tao fell for the trick as she leapt for one of the balls only for it to disappear before her, with the real one touching down beside her.

Kerr picked up the ball and sent it flying skyward, enhancing its speed to hurtle down particularly fast on the other side of the net. Lokka had realised this, however, and as the ball was almost about to hit the sand, it bounced off a partially transparent sheet that disappeared as quickly as it appeared. The ball was sent back into the air and Stolz used this moment to leap up and send the ball flying down.

The game finally got to 24 points each. Tension was at its all time high and absolutely everyone was determined to win the game. Lokka and Idris were formulating a plan for the winning point while Terra was preparing to serve the final shot from on top of Nova's back. As the ball went up the small girl sent the ball hurtling toward the metal Destrillian. Idris, ready to carry out the plan and bring the game to an end, rushed toward the ball.

Suddenly Fiona jumped in front of her, grinning with determination. She pulled back her fist, which had turned an unusual shade of red, and punched the ball away. Fiona had obviously got way to into the game because the ball simply exploded, what with all the heat that had been built up. A look of shock on her face, the redhead's features suddenly turned to anger as she realised she had nobody near enough to her to blame.

"BOOYAH!" Nova exclaimed, picking up Thetis and Tao with each arm and jumping in the air, the tiny Terra still on his back struggling to hold on. A smile had even reached Kerr's lips.

"Nice job Sparky," Idris said as she began to walk away. Lokka and Telran grinned at each other, both feeling a little embarrased for having got into the game too much. Jettison just smiled, shook her head, and walked away. Kram, meanwhile, had been trying to dispute the obvious victory and carry on with the game.

"Come on, we can go to 50 can't we?" he shouted, eager to keep playing.

"It's getting dark, Kram. We need to go have dinner," Emma replied, laughing as she helped Terra get down from the huge man's back. Kram hung his head, disappointed. Tao approached him, however, and put her arm around him - he cheered up and got his stuff packed up to leave the beach.

"Lose your cool there?" Thetis said to Fiona as the others walked away.

"Shut up," came the repy.

Thetis threw her arms around the redhead, knowing that she'd be back to her usual self in no time.

The gang found their way to a nearby bar after they had finished their dinner at a Xi Qinese restaurant. Fiona's volleyball team all approached the bartender, meaning to buy a drink each for a member of the other team, as was arranged.

"What can I get for you?" the man behind the bar asked. The man looked to be in his early thirties, was bald and was wearing a brown trenchcoat; unusual attire for bar staff, especially in this part of the world.

The undercover Donovan Early took each of the group's drink orders and presented it to them straight away. He studied them a little, noting that they didn't seem like normal people. He stopped after a while, remembering that he was undercover and didn't want to draw attention to himself. If his clothes hadn't have been in the wash this morning he wouldn't have stood out so much. Grabbing a glass for the next drink, he began to pour, keeping an eye out for the Animus he'd been sent to track down.

The Destrillians only had a couple of drinks each, not wanting to intoxicate themselves too much after expelling so much energy playing volleyball.

Well. Not everyone was satisfied with only having a couple. Fiona was on her 5th shot and still going, not moving very far away from the bar itself at any point. Nova was also holding a large jug of beer in celebration, of which Ms. Brand refused to drink from.

Kram had only had two beers, not wanting to make a fool of himself in front of the newly arrived Tao. This didn't change much however, as for some reason he had become somewhat intolerant of alcohol, feeling ill not long after its consumption. Terra, meanwhile, had been drinking out of a large, elaborately designed glass with a bendy straw. Telran had bought the girl some kind of fruit cocktail. She wasn't certain of the contents, but she knew she liked it.

Emma approached Tao as she looked after a slurring Kram.

"So where are you staying, Tao?"

"Umm, I'm supposed to be staying at a hotel with my brothers, but they're at a conference this evening."

"Well would you like to come back and stay with us tonight? I'm sure theres room!" Emma said, sipping from her fizzy orange drink.

"Umm...I dont want to be a...a bother," Tao said shyly.

"Nonsense, it's fine! Isn't it, Kram?"

Kram barely made out his name as he stumbled trying to stand up. "Ughhhh yes! Wait...I'm sorry what did you say again?"

"Tao can stay with us?"

"Yes yes!" he shouted, a lot happier after hearing Emma's suggestion. "Yes we can make room for her, definitely!"

Tao smiled and gave the pair of them a hug. Nova chugged down the rest of his beer and put his hand on Jettison, indicating that he had finished.

"Right, it's been lovely hangin' with ya'll, but me and Brand gotta mosey back to our place. Guess we'll catch up to you later on. Always a pleasure ladies!" Nova announced as he grabbed his coat and made his way to the exit with Jettison beside him.

Lokka, Thetis and Idris had been sitting at a smaller table aside from them. A clock beside them indicated that it was nearly midnight and it was probably a good time to stumble back to the house.

"You better get your friend over there so we can all leave," Idris said to Thetis, motioning toward Fiona, who was still at the bar. The blue-haired girl nodded and proceeded to try and convince Fiona that it was home time.

"Hey Kerr, will you be carrying this one back to the house?" Lokka shouted at Kerr who was sat elsewhere, pointing toward Stolz who had long since fallen asleep on a couple of chairs next to him.

Kerr only sighed in response, knowing that this was now his duty for the rest of the trip. He finished his beverage and carefully picked up the child, lugging them over his shoulder. Lokka and Idris laughed as he headed out, getting an early start on the walk home.

"And what about you?" Lokka turned to the pale girl. "Do I need to carry you out as well?"

"Hmm. Somehow I doubt it." Idris grinned as she, too, finished her drink.

"It was...just a suggestion," Lokka finished, smiling as he stood up.

The Destrillians all left the building and headed home, Telran and Lokka supporting Kram as they walked. The house was only half a mile away and so they didn't have to walk long. All in all, they knew they'd be getting a good night's sleep.

Well, most of them would be. With the mood Fiona was now in, Thetis might not've been so lucky. Or maybe she would be, depending on the interpretation.

Telran sighed, absolutely exhausted from the day's events, not to mention the added strain of having to carry Kram. Still, it was a refreshing break from everything back home, and it was definitely nice to be among his own kind. He glanced over at Terra, who had been walking beside Emma, and smiled. She smiled back, and then looked away suddenly. He laughed to himself and looked toward the Beach House, now in plain sight.

Through a pair of binoculars, the Destrillians were seen entering their home, and not long after turning the lights off. The man on the other side of the binoculars grinned as he brushed a portion of his green hair to the side.

"Found ya."


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