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@ Ryu: Aaaaah, the one that's under the spoiler tag in the bottom of the OP. It looks like it's... Jean Grey according to this, which might explain the AvX 12 Variant Cover (potential spoilery things).

Regarding Consequences of AvX...

I found this on tumblr (which gave the source as a post from ComicVine).

Reasons Scott can't be held responsible wrote:
1) At the end of Dark Avengers/X-Men: Exodus, Scott declared that Utopia was a free mutant sanctuary and Norman Osborn declared that Scott & company had left American soil. This would indicate that Utopia was it’s own sourveign nation, which The Avengers invaded not once but three times in just a few short weeks. Acts of aggression against Utopia by The Avengers.

2) Captain America attempting to arrest Cyclops for “Crimes against—” most likely he was going to say humanity, but since when is it a “crime” to end wars, feed the hungry, provide free energy and eduction to people?

3) The Avengers who were captured and held by the X-Men, 90% of the time, they were the aggressor and lost. They would be considered POW’s in a war The Avengers pretty much started.

4) The death of Charles Xavier. Scott kept warning him to get out of his head, this was self defense plain and simple.

5) To try to bring Cyclops to “justice” for what he did, but not Scarlet Witch would just show The Avengers as the ultimate hypocrites. If you’re one of us, you can pretty much get away with genocide, but if you’re not on our team we’ll attack you for A) Trying to save your own race and B) Trying to make the world a better place”
Here's kinda what I think about this:

1) Completely true. The initial "negotiations" over Hope were nothing but the Avengers strong-arming themselves into Utopia with only one goal in mind. While it was done under the pretense of opening dialogue, it's pretty certain that that was never really the plan.

2&3) While you may be able to argue that the Phoenix 5 did cause a fair amount of damage at times, barring Emma manipulating Namor into attacking Wakanda almost everything was caused by The Avengers initiating a hostile conflict with the Phoenix 5. In addition to that, they also did a HELL of a lot of positive things, and barring anything totally nuts happening in Issue 12 (and the aforementioned attack on Wakanda), the casualties they caused are significantly low, given what could have happened.

4) I agree that that whole scenario was Scott lashing out from being pushed into a corner, and feeling like he wasn't being given any real alternatives. Plus, with the full power of the Phoenix contained soley within him, I can't think that he'd be exclusively to blame for Xavier's death, (and it's doubtless that he'll blame himself for it. Well... depending on what state he's left in afterwards).

5) This. SO MUCH this.

Also there's this:

AvX spoilers, obviously.

AvX Consequences Cover Revealed, as well as a PREVIEW of AvX Consequences (and a variant cover for #4)

Cyclops. Is. Right.

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