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So, being that FF8 hasnt been ported to PS4, I grabbed the steam version. Being almost exclusively a console gamer, im terrible with Mods, but when I heard that terrible MIDI music, I knew I had to do something...thankfully, it was all neatly packaged in "Roses and Wine" (the only one I've noticed is still broken is Queazacoatl's summon sounds, strangely). It soubds like FFIX fixed the bigger problems (music) but messed up several SFX? And are you basically devoting your time and energy to doing a R+W type thing for IX? That's awesome!
P.S., is this true for PC as well as PS4?? (I bought the PS4 version, but have only just booted it up to check it worked, since im playing 8 atm)
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