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Yes, the music in FF9 is fine, yet the sounds, forfeit, so Silicon Studios did the most shabby job trying to recreate sfxs because of the original resources lost. Which either consisted of squeaky, pitchy sounds, missing sounds on numerous sounds. Missing environmental sounds like the lighting sfx playing on the Prima Vista theater stage and many more. I'm an audiophile, so I had to do something about it, luckily I still had the sfxs and datas from the psx version of FF9 (some of which were used in my other modding projects before this final one) and it applied it here, to the PC port.
I devoted, a good part of my time to fixing this glaring issue in FFIX, while other problems still exist, I start from the bottom, up. Now that the sounds fix is released, my time is mostly devoted to other tasks, and final production of FF:EMR The Zodiac Addition mod while working on these 2 video renders featuring a new Beatrix model.
And occasionally I check back with the sounds fix mod if it needs any updates, like the current one above.
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