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pt 6

Newbies, what are your feelings on Angel? Do you believe she’s telling you the truth at this point, or are you convinced she and Jack are pulling another trick?
How did you handle defending the beacon?
How did you react to Bloodwing’s rescue mission? Was the fight hard for you? Were you shocked when she was killed?
Jack is often utilised to juxtapose tragedy with humour. How did you react to Jack’s spoon story in New Haven? How about his belated violin joke after Bloodwing’s death? Did you find these moments funny? Were you horrified? Did you feel a little bit of both?
Did your feelings about Claptrap change after his pitiful birthday party? Why or why not?
What do you predict will happen in the story?
Do you have a new favourite mission? Or least favourite?
Any cool bit of loot that you’ve picked up that’s replaced your favourites?
As always, got any stories you wanna share?
1. I think she is telling the truth, but Jack can still interfere with her, so she's still someone to be cautious of.
2. My Twin Teapot gun is useful. Corrosion for the win! Weaker in numbers than my other gun, but the effect more than makes up for it.
3. It panned out more or less as expected, except that I died less than usual (once, I think during the Bloodwing fight, and a few more times during the level.) I happened to be kitted out with a Spike shield which kept off the scags, and a rocket launcher which cut down her health fast.. I was expecting the kill switch, because that seemed like a very Jack thing to do. I liked getting the Tiny Tina and Maya origins in the ECHOs, although didn't get to hear some of them because Mordecai interrupted with something plot related. On the whole, this one was pretty fun.

4. Jack's spoon story is flat out horrifying. The violin story didn't bother me as much, it just drives home how little he cares about anything happening. Jack treats the world like he's playing a video game.

5. Not especially. I think something will happen to claptrap later,, he'll reveal either a selfless or vicious side at an important moment.

6. Whatever is in that vault isn't what any of us expect. It didn't go well last time, it's not going to be different this time. Angel is telling the truth, but Jack is listening and will have a surprise for us.

7. Enjoyed that showdown in the churchyard, although I wish there was some kind of quick draw mini-game. I think we're the ugly. Finding Tannis' journals was difficult, but fun, as they're in the most improbable places imaginable. Took me forever to find the one on the bridge.

8. My Ponderous Corrosive Spike Shield is obsolete now, as is Flame of the Firehawk, which is a shame. I have a new Jakobs Sniper rifle that can do 4,000 damage to Loaders on a crit.

9. Died a lot on the Gluttonous Thresher until I figured out to flee across the river and snipe across the bridge. Didn't intend to do Hammerlock's mission, but found the ECHOs by accident while looking for Tannis' diaries, and killed the Threshers and Crystalisks just trying to stay alive while exploring.

side quests Gave pictures to Moxxxi. Ethics, mostly. Didn't interfere in clan war.

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