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Default Part Ten

>Part Ten
Chapter 18: The Talon of God

Location : Hero’s Pass

Bonus Sidequest(s)
  • You. Will. Die. (Seriously.) - would recommend doing with friends.


Summary and Questions

This is it. You make a final tour around Sanctuary to talk to the townsfolk there who each give you a weapon to take into battle. Afterwards, you travel to the Eridium Blight to meet up with Claptrap. After struggling to hack the gate to Hero’s Pass, you and Claptrap charge in, but Claptrap is prevented from going very far with you by his ultimate kryptonite: stairs.

After fighting through Hero’s Pass with the help of Brick and Mordecai, you reach the Vault of the Warrior. You battle Jack at the start, but just as you seem to have the upper hand, Jack uses the Vault Key to summon the Warrior.

After a gruelling battle with the ancient beast and freeing Lilith from her constraints, Jack rants on and on in denial of his own defeat. With a final blow, you end Jack’s life and Pandora is ultimately saved.

  1. How effective was the game in conveying the gravity of your final battle with Jack in Sanctuary? Were you getting emotional/riled up as the personalities of Sanctuary were bidding you good luck?
  2. Final thoughts on Claptrap? Do you kinda wish the developers hadn’t prevented Claptrap from partaking in the final battle?
  3. How did you manage getting through Hero’s Pass? Did it feel like Brick and Mordecai made a difference?
  4. Describe the moment you finally put the Warrior to rest.
  5. Did you let Lilith have the final blow? Why or why not?
  6. You’ve completed the game!! How do you feel? What are your thoughts on this game overall? Are you going to run through it again in a different mode?

    Now that you’ve finished, we’re going to revisit some reoccurring questions for the last time...
  7. Have you caught onto any more pop culture references? What's been your favourite?
  8. Favourite bit of bandit dialogue that you’ve heard?
  9. What have been your least favourite enemies to deal overall and why?
  10. Favourite bit of loot that you’ve picked up and/or been given?
  11. What was your favourite mission to do? Your least favourite? Why?
  12. What was your gear going into the final fight with Jack?
  13. What are your hopes, thoughts, speculations of what’s going to go into Borderlands 3?
  14. any stories for the community?

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