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I'm in too. And for the record... most of my stuff for Tennyo last year arrived on time except for the Pusheen. It then happened to be a nice x-mas/birthday combo gift I now have a new site where everything only takes 2-3 weeks

I like Pokemon (Charizard, Ninetales, Cubone are my favs), Aerith is my favourite FF character followed by Shuyin (if you find any sort of Shuyin merch, mad respect ) umm.. cats, the colour green and orange, especially a combination of the two. Classic Mario/retro style..

So, why do you come here?
Same as you, I think. I've been here a lot...
You must have a lot going on your mind, I suppose.
Yeah, but I'd rather have nothing for a change. How do you do it?
Well, it comes with practice. I can think of nothing.
I do not feel the need to occupy my mind with nonsense, just to avoid thinking about what really matters.

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