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Teh Pink Ranger wrote: I'm not sure how a program that isn't a baseline pre-installed app on a computer (atleast as far as Win10 is concerned) is some how more ease of access than another program that also isn't preinstalled on the OS.

So the big ease of access thing for "new people" would be to say "Hey click our Discord invite!" , rather than "Hey download skype, install it , make an account , add one of us on Skype, wait for us to accept and then wait for one of us to send you an invite to our group chat" lol.
What I said was, Skype is more easily accessible to a lot more people than Discord because a lot of people already have Skype installed, especially since MSN was eaten by Skype. People who wanted to keep chatting to their MSN contacts started using Skype instead.

Also I guess you haven't noticed that the group chat we're currently using is completely open, and you don't even need to download anything to use it. You don't even need an account. Click "Chat" above here and you'll see. That was the final thing that convinced me to drop #tls completely and move to something more users would be comfortable using.

IIRC Skype still actually has a limit on the amount of people that can be in a group chat, I recall seeing that we had to delete long time AFK members to make room for more etc.
The group limit is actually 300 for chat. For voicing, it's 25. But we're never that many people voicing at the same time anyway.

Especially when joining is literally as simple as clicking the invite link and spending 2 minutes to sign up. Hell I'm not even sure you have to verify your email to use it lol.
I had to verify my email.

Anyway if Discord has a web interface along with that open invite, it's starting to look like it's just as well to swap one for the other. I'm not super impressed with Skype, don't get me wrong. I've championed millions of campaigns to get people back into #tls, but, IRC is hard

Plus, Custom Smileys yo.
Well, that is something that will make a lot of people happy
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