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Coldman9 wrote: Hey, two questions.

1.) Can I update my template, I just wanna add another skill.

2.) Are we picking up where we left off or are we starting new?
You can always add skills if you get a new good idea, just make sure to fix the rest of your bio and let us know about it.

And also at Sarah Kerrigan:
Hard Goodbye: Jacqueline flings a small brick of plastic explosive at her target at a high speed, and using extreme reflexes, remotely detonates it in midair, near-literally teleporting away by channelling her implanted Speed materia.
This terribly confuses me... So she throws the explosive. Why does she need to use extreme reflexes to REMOTELY blow it up? You push a button O.O Also why does she need to teleport away? It was Remotely detonated.... Which means you could be far away since you threw it at high speeds. And why is it in the air if you threw it towards the opponent? Wouldn't you lob it up into mid air?
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