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Shio was just about to attack when Duriel jumped right over his head and attacked the SOLDIER. Shio watched as he crossed moved to attack, but was blocked. Shio stopped building up the ice attack he had prepared and just let Duriel take the enemy, if the idiot wanted to wake up the whole town and let the whole place know they were there, then he'd just slip back into the shadows and let him deal with the mess he created.

"Hey Shio. Haven't seen you all day!" Duriel said to him without taking his eyes off the SOLDIER.

"Gee, I wonder why?" Shio replied in a lazy voice.

As Duriel went in for a second attack, the rookie landed three feet from him. As she stood she threw a blue orb at the Juggernaut, effectively freezing it's left arm. Shio was impressed, at least she had enough of a mind to know to immobilize the giant enemy so he'd be open to attack.

And finally Izual showed up. As Duriel dealth with the giant Izual just stood back and watched. Finally he moved and got behind the giant, freezing it's back, opening it up, and pulling out the power-cell.

Shio ignored whatever he said after he stopped the enemy, but he did take note of the fact that several more were around. Seems like ShinRa was starting to take MOSES seriously now.

”We killed the scary monsters!”Izual yelled out, waving like a child. But the action suited him.

"If you thought that was scary," Shio pointed his thumb at the android as he walked up, "Then you really need to find a new line of work."

Shio rolled his eyes as Izual blasted through the door, did he or Duriel understand anything about stealth. The two might as well just draw their weapons and kill him right now, and Shio went on guard in case they actually decided to do that.

"Izual makes a point." he said as he stepped over the bodies, "Duriel, you and the new girl are supposed to help Slader with the SCORPION, so I suggest you get moving unless you want him to have all the fun with it." he turned back to Izual, "I hope you remembered to bring the bomb or something to shut downt he reactor for good." he started walking towards the reactor, "And don't worry Izual, if any 'scary monsters' show up, I'll be sure to keep you nice and safe." and for added insult, Shio reached out and ruffled Izuals hair like a childs, then started off before the man could react, blending back into the darkness.
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