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To answer your question Vashyron, I would say the first six materia's you get in the game would be the weakest. Choco-Mog ranging to Kujata really. I don't know who would want the first and Odin seems a bit powerful, but if people have self control and are some what experienced RPers I'll be fine with summons. It's just kinda powerful and when people use summons it usually was a last resort sorta situation in the game, not like the average materia.
And for your question about Contain Materia, I would rather not people have materia like ultima or contain or exit or something like barrier, but if they could find a way to balance it out, not go over board, have a weakness along with their benefits, then I suppose I'd pretty much be fine with it. If something were to make me feel like you were abusing the power I would ask that you change the way you use it or change your materia completely.

Anyways, looks like the spam I was told about is gone, so that takes care of that problem. Hopefully it won't happen again. The RP section is dead enough and some people want to scare more people off, how upsetting. Well, let's get back to business, hopefully uninterrupted.
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