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I'm sure if we get in contact with him, it would be pretty simple to get it up on ModDB, or somewhere, and get some folks interested in it who could just make the models. The big thing about the modding community is that you have to stay AWAY from making any money on anything that involves someone else's Intellectual Property.

Even in the case of Project Revolution, making StarCraft BroodWar out WarCraft 3, where both were owned by Blizzard managed to coast by, though it was eventually abandoned due to restrictions in the WC3 software. I did a lot of PR and spread word around for the for a good long time back when it was active.

Either way, if we get any significant sort of activity on this Mod & your server, I don't think that it's TOO inconceivable to suspect that someone who would be able to make modifications would come along.

We'll see where things go in the next little bit.

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