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X-SOLDIER wrote: I'd figured that you had a hand in this Noen.
(You should make me a Zack one )

But seriously, how long ago were you working on stuff for this? Does it use any of your Midgar Model?

Lol actually a friend of mine was making Zack, tho IIRC he didn't finish it and now he's disappeared overseas as some kind of missionary (which was a shame since he had such potential for the games industry...)

And its been so long since Midgar 3.0 was made its difficult to remember when, think it was 2006-2007 area. It doesn't use any parts of my Midgar tho Szico (the author of 3.0) did use mine as a reference.

Hey who wants to come home with me?!
Ok that wasn't very smart but totally worth it!
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