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Lulcy wrote:
Tashasaurous wrote: PCGAMER I think really should've asked about the possibilties of doing the Before Crisis Remake after seven's remake because that's the only Final Fantasy VII game that hasn't been released outside Japan(unless you want to include the lost episode of Dirge of Cerberus).
The Twilight Mexican wrote: I agree with your point, though, that it makes more sense to ask this question about Before Crisis than to ask about Crisis Core.
Well the problem about that is, how many people know about the existence of Before Crisis (outside of a very niche and dedicated fanbase)?
Probably at least half of the world if they look it up on the internet or have checked out the translated gameplay on Youtube.

SeaDragon wrote: I would love a Before Crisis remake. Anyway, Crisis Core needs just a port than a remake.
Totally agreed.
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