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I've been meaning to speak about this for a while but I keep forgetting. A lot of people think that the place where Kairi and Lea are both training at is a new world which, given Nomura's interviews, is a place where you can't visit and it's a new world or Daybreak Town.

However, I have an idea that makes more sense on where they're actually at.

Remember the place that Lea was sent to during Dream Drop Distance where Time runs differently compared to the Realm of Light in order to train how to wield his Keyblade before he went to the Realm of Sleep to rescue Sora?

What if that gorgeus forest-like sunset place he and Kairi are in as seen in the recent trailers is in fact their training ground Realm where Time runs slower/quicker than in the Realm of Light? Given how it's only accessible via magic through Yen Sid, Merlin and the Three Good Faries, it makes sense to me.

Edit: 28th July-Just had a thought on who the final three members of Xehanort's new Organization XIII could be and I thought up of the possible candidates.


The members we have so far are:
Master Xehahort.
Young Xehanort.
Ansem the Seeker of Darkness.

Now, none of us know who the other three are yet, but here's who I think, some I hope doesn't come to pass but could very well be likely...except Riku.

Possible candidates:
Sora(Hope not but he's a target, so it's likely)
Lea/Axel(Again, hope not but he could have been hit given what happened in DDD, so again, it's likely).
Even(Due to him being (DDD Spoilers) unstable upon being restored in DDD
Dilan(Same as Even)
Roxas(Like Sora and Lea, hope not)
Xion(same as Sora, Lea and Roxas)
Ventus(Hope not but very likely)
Aqua(Despite the trailers, none of us are still 100% certain)
Terra(His current status is still unknown).

That's my list of the final three Seekers of Darkness: AKA-the unwilling victums to become Xehanort's puppets, clones, vessels and all that-for the time being.

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