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I guess everyone forgot he posted right in the beginning of the post. And if no one is questioning his qualifications, but how he was appointed, what the hell is he supposed to say? He didn't appoint himself to the post so him trying to speak for our rationale and explain why would be unwarranted. That would be for the rest of us to answer. Expecting him to answer that is kinda odd.

And how was I anything close to snarky in addressing Celes at all? Huh?

'Trust your judgment' is not an acceptable position with things like this. Just as an fyi.

And only moderating the FF areas is a very bad idea, IN MY OPINION, since it means that he won't be building that all-important rapport/establishing his identity outside of it =/
Him moderating the FF sections only =/= only posting in the FF sections. If you've noticed, he posts all over the forum too.

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