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No it's because he's level headed, a good thinker, is unbias, loves final fantasy and has helped out with the site and people tend to like him. Those who KNOW him anyway.

And I'm "over reacting" Because I'm sick of the same people trying to start shit every time one of the staff here sneezes. Some of these people haven't even posted here in weeks except for now. I mean come on, really?
There are... a lot of members like that to be fair. And I don't think you need to necessarily love Final Fantasy/Know Japanese to be Mod/Admin. No offense to Tres... but I think there are people more deserving of his spot... you know? I see him posting a few times in pretty much the same section. . . Again, I'm not trying to take a stab at him- I think he's great. But it's still random. I like the Staff here- a lot. c: I didn't have many complaints for the official complaint thread. I really do just agree with the majority here that this seems out of the blue. Like Road (was that who?) said, 127 or whatever posts he has isn't really... enough.

Well I haven't seen you guys post so clearly you haven't.
LOL. Alex posts a good amount, and his posts are pretty much awesome when he does. But I REALLY don't see Tres post often enough in more than the FF topics to be considered an Admin/Mod. The posts he does make are good, yeah, but I need to see more of them to really be convinced. Like I said, some people have been here for like, ever and have deserved the spot more than he does, imho.

Honestly I really haven't because I hang out in the FF section most of the time
Then... biased much?

Not random at all considering we were looking for a new staffer to replace Schala. And considering Tres's contributions, not to mention previous experience on ACF, knowledge of Japanese, and being a damn good level headed member that's been helping us out here, it made perfect sense. He can fill her slot fine with his credentials. How is it not fair? Is there some mod entitlement check I forgot to look for or something? And again, he posts literally every day since he joined here. I don't see how you can say you don't see him post, unless you somehow don't look in the FF or Compilation sections.
Well, it just seemed random to me. Read above, I guess. xD It's nice to have you actually explain it, though. I think knowledge of Japanese is kind of a lame reason... but of course, that helps with the obvious- translations. I just think there are a lot of 'level-headed' members that are saying that they are willing to work hard, contribute, and have been posting for ages and then suddenly Tres is modded? It seemed just kind of out there to me. I do see him post, just not that much. I haven't been here recently though, so has he been posting tons on the past like two or three days? I look in pretty much all of the sections, even Graphics and Roleplay , though I don't participate them. (They're fun to vote in and to read) so... Well, I think it would be nice to have a Mod that didn't just hang around in one section.

Yes, I thought Tennyo would have made an awesome mod.
Yeah, Tenny for the win! Her posts are great, she's super sweet and intelligent, AND she posts in a lot of sections and frequently. She's been here for quite awhile too! That would have been an excellent choice, and not random at all.
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