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Ⓐaron wrote: Perhaps you fail at making your facetiousness obvious then. Several other people I was speaking to didn't see it either.
Hence my clarification in the second post.

Good, then I'm at a loss as to why you directly called them "blatant flames" in the first place, rather than saying "would be seen as blatant flames in other, stricter communities." A little bit of clarity goes a long way.
Because I was BEING FACETIOUS. It ruins the funny when I am trying to be facetious.

I'm not seeing how a joking insinuation that someone may or may not have committed fellatio is an insult. It's a joke.
A joke. That tres gave head to get his position.
I see the humor less than you see the facetiousness.

I haven't disagreed with any of that. In fact, I explicitly said exactly the same thing you said in another post. So perhaps you failed to discern my point.
That's not my point, though. My point, is that we're laid back, and you have a problem with that, but ALSO, that if we take any action, you ALSO have a problem with that. It's a lose lose scenario.

Well I think it's easily solved. If you want me to make a serious diagnosis of where this place has gone I'll do it tomorrow, assuming I don't throw up in the morning again or something.
You do that.
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Now this is a compilation entry I want to see.

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