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Ⓐaron wrote: I find you reducing my argument to a simple difference of opinion and disregarding the substance of that argument insulting.
It's not an insult. I don't find you stupid, or anything negative. But you seem to feel personally invested and quite angry over how we chose him for our reasons, versus another member, for your reasons. Not really a reduction, but an observation. But that's fine, it wasn't meant to be insulting at all.

And you still haven't exactly explained why he's more qualified and capable of doing the job. Apparently, it comes down to him knowing Japanese and having been a member of this forum for less than a month. And it's the latter qualification that got you into such trouble.
He's more qualified because he fulfills our requirements that we wanted and were looking for, and we were the ones making the choice. And the fact he's a new face in the community is essentially what we want. I'm sorry that people didn't like that, but again, this isn't a popularity contest, and we didn't have any one else promised the position or entitled to it.

I'm sorry but I think people who have been a member of this forum since the beginning of its history can be perfectly justified to feel more entitled to a position than someone who has less than 150 posts.
Well again, that's where I disagree. I don't think that necessarily makes one more entitled than anyone else who's good for the job. We're not about just adding the olde ones to staff. It takes a good balance of old and new members to offer ideas and perspectives. That goes for lots of things in real life too.

You've yet to provide any justification for any disagreement though.
Justification? Isn't a matter of perspective enough?

Fine, then prove me wrong. Appoint someone to staff who's been a vocal critic of yours.
We added someone new so that they could give us fresh ideas, critiques, and opinions on how things are done here, and what can and shouldn't be done. If we have an open position again or we start looking to expand, we'll definitely give all members an equal look to see who's qualified. But umm, at this very moment we're not going to add someone to staff now, just to win an argument with you here. That'd be a bit silly.
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