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The fact that you said it as a direct response to a very serious piece of constructive criticism did not help your case in the slightest.
Demanding money from me and 'criticizing' me when I obviously don't deliver is constructive criticism. Okay!

Cry moar.

I stay because, apart from certain staff members, I like most of the people here. I've known a lot of the people who post here for four years or more.
You don't act like it. You bitch and whine about the community, the Staff, 'how this place is run' 'the state of things' here constantly and consistently. It's not like you have the occasional issue about things or whatever. You complain and argue for the sake of complaining and arguing. Why don't you pack your e-bags and leave? And no, I'm not saying (or demanding, in any way) this as a mod. I'd tell you this even if I just joined this place or if I was a regular member. I don't understand this. Don't you have anything better to do, Aaron? Don't you?
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