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Name: Duriel Felgrand
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Kalm
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Left - Flourescent Red, Right - Brown
Height: 6 ft.
Weight: 180
Build: Slim / Slightly Muscular


Standing 6 foot on the mark, Duriel is a rather dark, yet cynically appealing character. His face is pale and in normal fashion, having a simple goatee upon his chin. His eyes are dual toned, the left being a flourescent red that seems to glow, and the right a standard brown. His hair, black and about 3-4 inches in length, flows backward in an unruly way. His clothing consists of standard black military dress pants tucked in at the upper shin, with sets of three buckles going up each leg, along with a cybernetic vest that both serves as light armor and helps keep his Chaos abilities under control. Also, on his feet he wears a pair of knee-high metal plated boots which have cybernetic influences.


Duriel is for the most part a fun loving gentleman, with hints of sarcasm and a bit of an ego mixed about (the ego being his most prominent trait). Genuinely, it takes a good amount of stress and turmoil to bring out his darker nature, which is reflected in his left eye. Duriel also as of late has developed a smoking problem, and can usually be found with a cigarette, ablaze or unlit, dangling from his teeth. Though his face displays an expression of carelessness, he is actually very adept to thinking, especially about the life he's been given and the, "meaning," behind it all.


Turk Standard Issue Pistol:
A standard, silver pistol awarded to graduates of the Turk's training program. Nothing particularly special about this weapon - more or less a memento of his previous endeavors as a Turk before joining MOSES. Magazine capacity is 9 rounds, 9mm.

Eviscerator Longsword:
A large, strong, two handed sword (resembling that of the German zweihander), which Duriel carries on his back. Adopting this blade in his travels, it's origin is largely unknown, even to Duriel who has wielded it for years. Nothing special - the only thing setting it apart is the Fire materia which imbues it, centered in the cross shaped handguard.


Duriel is occasionally seen driving his modified car, the X50 (resembling the Nissan 350Z's body style). Flat black in color and a bit roughed up, the X50, for the sake of stability has been modified. The tires and over all frame have been designed to handle being driven both off road, and like a maniac and is lightly armored to be able to handle a certain amount of impact.


Duriel's body is imbued with Chaos materia (similar to that of Vincent Valentine), and is largely held in check by the cybernetic vest that adornes his upper body. Normally, with how much of this particularly unstable energy is contained within him, it would cause him mild, yet violent, hemorrhaging at random points during over exertion - and of course, Duriel being a man of constant action, he just chooses to keep it on. Many mysteries of this strange energy have yet to be revealed, but it does grant Duriel the grace of enhanced strength and durability, serving almost as a second skin in some situations. Only toward the end of his career as a Turk did he willingly look into the abilities that might come with this power, and thus large amounts of possibilities have yet to be exercised.

The Eviscerator Longsword, which as previously mentioned, was acquired by Duriel during his travels, had been received pre-imbued with standard Fire materia. This of course gives the blade a good deal more power, and often produces flame when swung in rapid succession. Only a second level fire skill (Fira) is awarded for carrying this blade, serving very little purpose for such a, "hack-and-chop," sort of style that comes with the blade.


Cybernetically Enhanced Containment Vest:
As previously mentioned, this allows Duriel to keep his Chaos abilities more under control and prevent serious blood loss from its abilities. It is integrated into the skin on his chest and back. Of course, it can be removed if necessary, but sessions without it must remain without stress as to avoid his body turning on itself. It also gives a very light armor rating, allowing a bit more coverage from small arms rounds (similar to a bullet-proof vest). It also in a way resembles the former Deep Ground's cybernetic enhancement gear.

Cybernetically Enhanced Plated Boots:
Also another synthetic attachment to his body, this pair of boots is also special in its ability to help contain the Chaos. They are also, integrated into his skin from the top of the shins down and are removed in the same manner as the Vest. They serve as a good piece of armor, seeing as the metal plates that attach to the toe, heel, and line the front of the boot up to the knee, are all protective surfaces. And of course, non-slip soles are essential.


Chaos Guard:
Ability utilized to, as previously mentioned, give Duriel a second skin effect, increasing his natural armor well beyond that of normal human tissue.

Infernal Sweep:
Utilizes Fire materia imbued within the Eviscerator Longsword, giving swings of its mighty blade an added fire-based damage and flame effect.


Limit Breaks:

Slash 'n' Burn:
A large, dramatic leap in the air toward the target, and then several cross-hatched slices at the enemy, followed up by a close quarter fire ball assault.


Duriel, born in the quiet village of Kalm, grew up to a rather normal child hood for a boy of that era. Well, as normal as could be expected with only a father to raise him. His mother had apparently died during child birth, but he was not to learn that until he was much older. He was just as normal for everyone else in the village, save for his, "optic defect," and made friends in the usual fashion. One in particular, another boy named Izual, he grew close to - so much so that they mutually defended one another, even if it meant sacrificing his own honor for the time being. The fights around town with the other children were often brutal, the two of them occasionally losing - but losing as a team, at that. As brothers. They did everything together, from their first relationships, to their eventual induction into ShinRa's system of ranks. But only then did they differentiate - Izual taking to the ranks of SOLDIER, and Duriel entering the Turks.

It would be then that they would split up from each other inevitably, the missions of the two groups taking them all over Gaia. Duriel remained in the Turks for a good many years, serving proudly, wondering if he'd ever see his best friend again. And even then, up until he separated from Izual and began delving deeper and deeper into the Turks, his true nature never really reared it's head - Chaos, of course. His first instance was during a high intensity mission in which they were to hunt down and capture a gang who chose to ride about on motorcycles and reap havoc. Normally, this would be handled by special forces and not the, "elite," but they did hold something that needed to handled with care - very important documents, and the order to have them returned was from Alex himself. On the mission though, Duriel ended up receiving serious injury due to the gang - a serrated chain wound to his chest which labored his breathing horribly.

In his stress, feeling near death, he felt himself blacking out as his fellow Turks came to his aid. His blazer and dress shirt lay flayed open like a dead fish, blood pouring from his wounds. Clenching his fists, he felt the anger in him rise... Twisting in pain as the agony came in waves, the last thing he saw before he clenched his eyes shut was the motorcycle gang approaching, the same chain that cut him open making a distinct whistle. And then, it seemed an eternity later, he awoke on his knees, his wounds healed. His hands were bathed with blood. Looking around him, he saw bits of metal and flayed flesh lying all around, with bits of clothing attached. There was nothing about him, not even the Turks which he had learned to call, "brother." It seemed that Duriel had taken all of their lives... both friend and enemy alike. He was too numb to even think at the time how he was going to live with himself. Would he be executed by ShinRa...?

It would be days before he brought himself before Alex again... And indeed, Duriel had recovered the documents. Along with a great sword that one of the bikers wielded. It was heavy, but it was better than having that rinky-dink pistol as his last means of protection. He hoisted it onto his back, even as if to seem more menacing than before. Rightfully, he was left alone... but maybe it wasn't the size of his blade that had done it. Maybe it was a new breed of evil stewing inside of him. Upon coming crawling back to ShinRa, he couldn't bring himself from the bar for days. But before he could rightfully walk out, he was apprehended, the documents being stripped from his being, and he was violently chained down and interrogated for his actions. Upon further inspection, it seemed that there was something dark, and very well alive inside of him. Alex called it Chaos, and said that he had seen it before. Duriel knew it would not be long before his execution would arrive... but then again.

He was fitted with a cybernetic vest and boots that were supposed to, "contain," the darkness inside, and allow him to control it. To make him a better warrior... and on ShinRa's side. It would be weeks later when Duriel would be able to come back to reality, and the learn more of ShinRa's new objective. Duriel was conflicted, naturally. And with little to no notice, and his new gifts from the scientists of ShinRa bound to his body, he jumped ship, and made it out on his own. Now, Duriel at the young age of 19, is looking for any way he can to stop ShinRa from destroying the planet any further, his outlet seeming to be a group similar to the fabled AVALANCE known as MOSES. Dragging on a cigarette silently, Duriel looks up to the skies... and wonders if he can ever return to normalcy again. Or forgive himself for killing his own allies.

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