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May mess with this a little bit on the description but here it is.

Izual Xinu
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Birthplace: Kalm
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Blue/Red Tint
Height: 6'1
Weight: 174
Build: Slim/Slightly Muscular

Description: Izual is six feet tall and one hundred and seventy-four pounds. He is slim fit and slightly muscular. Izual has short, silver, spiky hair. He wears a white long sleeve shirt with a red moon symbol on it and the sleeves reaching past his hands by a few inches, new, clean, baggy, blue jeans with a chain dangling from his right pocket and a pair of brown boots under his pant legs. Izual’s wears an armguard left to him by his father that was used to hold his materia. He also has a metal belt across his waist, which appears to be made of some extremely vibrant metal, which has the sheath for both his weapons. Izual is also seen wearing a long tattered cloak which covers him head to toe.

Persona: Izual is a shy person around people he doesn’t know, being silent and shrugging off, unless it is a beautiful women of course, but around the few people he trusts, including Duriel, he is able to show his true self, which is a fun-loving and sometimes lecherous behavior. Izual has a problem with flirting with women but he doesn’t see it as a “problem” because they always come around. Izual sometimes has issues with the WEAPON cells within him causing him to pass out or lose control of his body from time to time, having the WEAPON take over and seeing through his eyes. While unconscious Izual is able to see into the past and the present through the eyes of the remaining WEAPONs. Izual is also strong willed and passionate about anything he concerns himself with and will never turn down the chance to save a damsel in distress. When it comes to killing Izual will attempt to avoid it no matter what, while the WEAPON within him has no problem with it, although once he can see no other way around it Izual is a deadly fighter. If he can he would choose to incapacitate over kill, but his emotions can run wild causing him to forget this philosophy.

Shade: A mid–sized blade created from a dragon’s fang. With a black hilt with a black tassel dangling from the end, the blade is slightly curved with a jagged back. The blade resembles a wakizashi in size and shape, yet slightly wider for the jagged back aiming downward. The blade constantly sends off a strange black aura.

Frost: A mid-sized blade, almost identical to his brother blade Shade. The only difference between the blades is the hilt and tassels of Frost are dark blue and the aura radiating from the blade is bluish white.

Shadow: Izual was imbued with a shadow materia. Izual has a scar over the part of his chest where the materia was imbued. This materia is hasn’t been used in many years and was believed to be lost long ago, Izual found it while stationed near the forgotten Temple of the Ancients. Izual has not been able to unlock his materia to its full power, only being able to concentrate its power into orbs and the ability to slip into the shadows and almost disappear, there is still much for him to learn about the powers it holds and what cost there will be to unlock it. The materia also has the ability to greatly increase Izual’s strength and speed for a short period of time but becomes majorly exhausted after its use.

Ice: When Izual received his blade, Frost, he noticed a glinting materia embedded in it. He discovered it was a mid-level ice materia. Due to the materia’s level it can only cause blizzara and some enchantments. This is a special type of ice materia for after Blizzaga it is capable of transforming into the contain materia spell “Freeze”.

Shadow Orb: Izual can form black orbs in his hands and shoot them towards enemies causing impact damage then condensing and imploding causing more damage and sending a shockwave out.

Frost Slash: Izual taps into the power of his blade, Frost, and sends waves of ice towards opponents with each slash.

Shadow Slash: Izual channels energy into his blade, Shade, and sends black waves of energy towards opponents with each slash.

Frozen Zone: Izual focuses energy into his right hand. An orb of black ice appears in his hand and began to expand. Then, within a thirty yard zone, the ground becomes frozen and the liquid in the air freezes. Izual is then able to cluster them together to make prisons for his enemy or icicles to hurl.

History: Izual was born in the small town of Kalm, raised by his mother in a small house right at the edge of town. Izual’s father abandoned him and his mother when he was only one. Izual has hated his father ever since and took care of his mother as he grew older. His mother believed he was lost while traveling along the western road and Izual allowed her to maintain her fantasy. As Izual grew older he found made friends easily and became a normal child in time. Izual met another boy named Duriel and they became friends quickly and were closer than brothers. The two were always there for each other no matter what the circumstances. As they became closer they began to know they were different from the other children, and the other children did also. This problem caused many fights with the children in the town but they were always there to help one another, win or lose. Izual’s mother hated his fighting and would often have to dress his new cuts and bruises. She would scold him but he would always wear a smile as she cleaned the wound, his new battle scar. At the age of sixteen they decided to join ShinRa’s military ranks together. Although his mother disapproved of it she did not interfere and tearfully parted with her only son with a going away present of her father’s blades, Shade and Frost and the belt that holds them. While they climbed through the ranks quickly Izual watched as they were separated, Duriel joining the Turks and as for himself being inducted into the top ranks of SOLDIER.

Izual reluctantly said good bye to his best friend and began the training for the SOLDIER elite. Izual spent a year serving under Alex himself as his personal body guard. He spent many days serving under Alex, but never truly becoming anything more than a body guard. Izual liked this job because it meant little fighting. Izual always wondered what had happened to Duriel but knew both of them had leave in two years and they would meet up again in Kalm.

Every other Thursday Izual would be told to wait outside the down the hallway from the office and stand guard as all sorts of doctors and technicians would talk to Alex. After a few months Izual couldn’t deal with his curiosity and decided to peer in. As the door cracked he heard Alex curse and complain about not having a suitable subject for the next experiment. He went on to explain how he needed to capture the power of this WEAPON then broke off suddenly. He then continued and said that he may have found an acceptable new volunteer. Izual turned to find two large men behind him, one of them hitting Izual in the stomach and knocking him out.

Izual awoke in a test tube several months later to the sound of muffled voices. He had a breathing mask on and had no strength to move. He had small flashbacks of people talking and the look on Alex’s face and he would look in at his new “volunteer”. Izual tilted his head and saw his reflection. His blue eyes had now been tinted red and his hair turned to a silver color. He felt a pain in his chest and found barely enough strength to move his arm. He rubbed his hand against his chest and felt a scar, then a burning sensation followed quickly by a power he had never felt before. He broke through the tube and passed out.

Izual awoke on the shores of Costa Del Sol. He stood with difficulty but caught his footing. He had somehow escaped and recovered his weapon. Izual had no clue what had happened but set off towards Kalm to hopefully find Duriel.

Izual has been with MOSES for a few months now and has built the computer system from the ground up, having Jean there to help with the easier parts and only teaching her how to use most of it. Izual has discovered since his awakening he has an amazing knack for electronics, always building bigger and better inventions.
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