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Name: Jaqueline Plissken
Age: 26
Gender: Female
Race: Human
Birthplace: Wutai
Hair Color: Dark brown
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 159lbs
Build: Skinny/Athletic


Jacqueline is of a wiry, muscular stature, and has her dark brown hair cut into a short, ragged mess, although it is often hidden under either a combat helmet or a dark grey bandanna.
The clothing she wears varies according to need, but she constantly wears a form-fitting ballistics and stab vest, often wears a pressure/environmental suit with a Shinra light combat vest on top, along with the standard pauldrons and elbow/knee pads and combat gloves that, while modified, appear to be standard issue Shinra equipment, complete with dog tags.
Her dark-skinned beauty is undercut by her militaristic style of dress, even as casual wear: cargo pants and combat boots, with a plain white singlet or turtleneck jumper, and usually a CD player and headphones. For further protection against the elements, she has a large, slightly tattered poncho, which doubles both as a raincoat and camouflage.


Jaqueline is a serious person, but isn't above pulling off a joke or two during missions. She is fairly world-weary, especially after the errands run for Shinra which left her without official employment within Shinra. However, when the situation calls for it, she is on task one hundred percent. Has a strong belief in "doing the job", and sees MOSES as just another opportunity to earn a living.


.45 Pistol, "Shinra Special": A specialist version of the standard-issue handgun for Shinra's grunts, highly modified and virtually remodelled by Jacqueline to fire .45 Casull rounds. With an extended magazine of 13 rounds, the Shinra Special is also personally fitted with a 10 inch suppressor, and is adapted to fire specially-prepared tranquilliser rounds.

5.56mm Assault Rifle, "S3-SD": A specialist version of the standard-issue assault rifle for Shinra's grunts, personally modified. The barrel has been replaced with a shorter carbine length with a built-in suppressor, and the chassis has been stripped down to resemble the assault rifle of the previous generation, with a rail that can mount anything from a scope to a flashlight to a grenade launcher, and the buttstock removed for portability.
A materia slot is usually adapted for an attached grenade launcher or buckshot gun.

Jō: a jō around 4' 3" long, made from a mythril alloy. Ancient Wutai clan heirloom, customised with various materials such as a rubber coating on the handle, and a magnetic 'sheath' for holding it. Is currently working on it to contain materia slots.

Tonfa: A pair of steel tonfa. Often used when jō is too cumbersome, ie. in very confined spaces.


Jacqueline also owns a quad bike which she stole from a Shinra garage, designated "ATV Midgar". As it is a military variant, it is a four-wheel-drive design which can be highly modified to suit both on-road and off-road needs, and is fitted with various compartments to store and carry weaponry and other equipment. It can also be modified to seat a second person, greatly reducing available storage space.

Materia: As Jacqueline is not an immediate descendant of Wutai shinobi, her body has been augmented with the fusion of Speed materia, which grants her the awareness and reflexes close to, if not better than shinobi born into their arts. Additionally, her environmental suit is usually fitted with basic Time and Restore materia, as well as other varying materia for varying purposes in her weaponry, as the situation grants, usually to enhance perception and movement.


Bullet Ballet: Jacqueline creates a temporary bubble of time dilation of varying size around herself where her reaction speed and movement is increased by several times, much like "bullet-time", giving her the ability to dodge spells, bullets, or melee strikes which might not usually be possible.

White Rose: A common skill of present-day Wutai ninja, practised to varying degrees, Jacqueline moves at a burst of speed so fast it appears she is teleporting. This can be used many times in a short period, although it requires extreme (ninja-like) focus.

Limit Breaks

Hard Goodbye: Jacqueline flings a small brick of plastic explosive at her target at a high speed, and using extreme reflexes, remotely detonates it in midair, near-literally teleporting away by channelling her implanted Speed materia.


Jacqueline Plissken was born into a Wutai clan, although she was in reality the daughter of a 'tourist' mother, which brought about complications as her status as a potential Wutai shinobi. Thus, she was denied part of her childhood training while bickering was brought about over her role in the clan. Eventually she was given training, although because of the need to "catch up", she was given a Speed materia to fuse with, to the chagrin of the Wutai clan leader, despite Yuffie's personal approval of her training.
However, the relative peace was then broken as her basic training neared its end, and Jacqueline decided to leave Wutai at the age of 17, with the begrudging respect that she had earned from her peers and rivals.

Enlisting into Shinra, she was both discriminated against and valued for her skills as a ninja, eventually joining a special forces section of Shinra's troops despite not being SOLDIER. Often sent for 'clean-up duty' for clandestine operations for both SOLDIER and the Turks, one particular operation had gone horribly wrong, and Shinra cut ties with all the operatives in the area, authorising a missile strike from their own air support to destroy all evidence of wrongdoing.

Jacqueline survived, but without the employment she had, and still without the fulfillment she had left Wutai for, she decided to join MOSES under the recommendation of Allen Wedge, an old friend she had made during her career in Shinra. In an incredible feat of stealth that would have made Wutai proud, she returned to the Shinra building simply to retrieve her belongings, on the way out stealing a quad bike in the garage to make her escape.

I plan to be taking a fairly support role in this RP, as I have a lot of RPs to do and not enough time to do it Jacqueline is essentially a stealth character.
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