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Alright then, the RP's moved and I'll move with it.

Name: Shio Sakuraba


Gender: Male

Birthplace: New Midgar

Hair color: White and slightly spikey

Eye color: Blue

Height: 6' 4''


Description: Shio usually wears a long black coat over a white, slightly worn out shirt, jeans, and boots that are worn but enough to be comfortable and still good. He wears fingerless gloves on his hands that are more to help his grip than anything else. His white hair sticks flat to his head but spikes slightly and his bangs go down to partially obscure his eyes. Under the glove of his right hand he has a tattoo of a roman number 3. He usually wears a grim expression regardless of what news he's getting.

Persona: Shio keeps to himself mostly but if he has an opinion about a subject he'll speak up and say what he has to. He'll obey orders given to him but trust is an entirely differnt matter, he doesn't trust anybody. He has a habit of sticking up for those who can't do it themselves and is very heartless to those who take advantage of the weak. He doesn't open up to people.

As said before, he doesn't trust anybody. In his eyes everyone has an alterior motive for their actions and he's always watching his back incase it involves putting a knife there. People sometimes find his presence threatening and he's sometimes asked leave places because of that.

Weapon: He wears a piece of armor on his right arm that has a secret blade in it that he can slide out at anytime. The blade is 16 in. long and made of a hardened metal, making it movable and strong.

Equipment: Shio carries a few potions for healing of vitality and in case of poisoning e.g. His weapon has a materia for ice set into it, allowing him to freeze the area around a cut on an enemy or freeze them through if he stabs them and holds it. He's been infused with "Time Materia" although he doesn't like to use it so he's not very skilled with it. The materia allows him to temporarily speed up his actions or slow down his enemies, although not for extended periods of time.

Copy Cat: Shio speeds up and creates illusions of more than one him. The copys fade if attacked but their attacks can do damage since Shio's sped up that what the enemy sees is only an after image.

Limit Break:
Mirror Hall: The copies of Shio take on a physical manifestation, becoming solid. They can only last for a short time. This Limit Break is ment to overpower the enemy with increasing numbers.

History: Shio was born and raised in New Midgar to Richard Sakuraba and Jessica Misaka (unmarried couple). His father and mother were both researchers for ShinRa and worked on a special project involving materia, Shio was nine and doesn't remember the specifics. While his mother was kind and caring his father was distant, growing more distant as the years of research wore on. One day there was an accident at the facility and his mother was killed as a result.

Due to a lack of findings by the team and the accident the research project was shut down. Shio's father was the head researcher by the time it was ended and was furious, he believed there was still potential for the project. With barely anything left of the project Richard turned to the one thing he had, his son, and continued the research on him.

While the people respected his father as a researcher and he appeared a saint in public, only Shio knew how cruel his father truely was. For eight years Shio was subjected to his father's research, constant fighting and testing, until he was 17. One night Shio had had enough and used the Time materia his father had inplanted in him and went berserk. After days of investigating Shio was named his father's killer and hunted down.

Shio gathered what money he could and ran after that. He's been traveling for the past two years, taking odd jobs where he could find them to support himself, until he heard of MOSES and thought of it as a way to strike back as his dead father as well as support himself.
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