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He had endured a restless slumber. His body had already started the blood pumping for the long awaited mission ahead. The town - the sleepy little town of Bog Water, which was just as the name described. Leaning forward from his bed, the sheets rolling down his chest, he gazed upon the barren room which encased him. Gazing out his hazed, smoke-fogged window, he noticed the street ligts glowing. Guess it was time to suit up, then.

Finally ascending from his bed with a hop, Duriel stretched, exposing his war-torn chest which was littered with cross-hatched scars - not that any were actually from war. Looking down to the wooden chair beside his bed, he took up a black, heavy vest in his hands, and casually he strapped it onto himself. As the lights on the vest lit upon activation, Duriel stretched, the usual beeps that indicated it was working sounding off. This was his customized limiter vest.

Hoisting the Eviscerator onto his back carefully into it's holster, Duriel immediately afterward grabbed for his pack of black cigarettes which he promptly shoved in his pocket. And of course, no mission suit-up could be complete without him packing his trusty pistol into it's leg holster. Now he was all set. The only thing left to do was to meet up with Slader and wait for the others - or atleast his long time friend, Izual. Exiting the room, he was careful as to leave no trace of MOSES behind for ShinRa to find.

Pulling out his touch screen device known as the ARIS, Duriel keyed in on Slader's location, standing in the lobby of the quiet Inn. He looked up the stairs, and then to the door. Geez, where was everybody? Probably still asleep... or out taking advantage of what the town did have - a bar. Smirking to himself, Duriel pressed the LOCK button on his phone's interface and walked out of double doors silently.

Leaning against the large wooden building which he had resided within, he drew the pack of cigarettes from his pocket. Taking one out and lighting it, he was quick to shove it inbetween his teeth and cross his arms in a casual fashion. The sword on his back was nearly the size of himself, so he was careful as to not lean against it. As the minutes passed by, he was slowly getting irritated with just standing there. Granted, he would only catch the attention of drunks, but...

Reaching into his pocket again, he snatched his phone up and unlocked it. Pressing the green phone button, he watched as it phased into his contact list. Scrolling down to the letter "I," Duriel found Izual's name and clicked it once with his fingertip. Immediately then, he held it up to his head, the screen going dark as he did so. And it rang and rang, but no one answered. Grinding his teeth, he huffed. Gee, some mercenary group they were...

Locking it again and shoving it back into his pocket, he was wondering whether or not it would be wise to curse up a storm. He didn't have to wait for them, he just sort of wanted to. Flicking the butt to his cigarette away, he sighed and stared at the ground, displeased.
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