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Shio pushed open the door to the tavern, letting himself out into humid night air. He quickly shoved the good amount of gil he had won from a few card games in the tavern, luckily all the drinkers were either too drunk to notice or just didn't care that not only was Shio a stranger, but he won quite a lot. He finished the bottle of alcohol he had bought, it instantly went to work on relaxing him. This was his first mission in quite a while, he didn't need his damn nerves getting him killed.

Shio saw Slader walk by, lighting a cigarette and then chucked it into the wishing well, as well as spitting in it. That gave Shio an idea. As he walked over he saw Duriel leaning against the all of the inn, probably waiting for Izual and their new recruit.

'What was her name?' Shio wondered, 'Gabby? Grechen? Gertrude?" Shio shrugged, he didn't have to know her name, she was working with Duriel and Slader tonight, and he didn't exactly trust her, she was still very new.

As he reached the well he tossed his empty bottle in the well, followed by the cards he had hidden up his left sleeve. He didn't win all those games due to luck. He looked over at Duriel and noticed the new girl had decided to lean against the wall next to him, now they were both probably waiting for Izual.

As Shio walked away to the reactor, following Slader, a small smirk came to his face.

'Maybe Duriel has a thing for girls with rabbit ears and a tail.'

As he headed for the reactor, taking care to keep from sight by anyone, Shio made a fist with his right hand. The blade on the armor on his right arm slid out. The ice materia glowed slightly in its niche where the end of the blade met the wrist armorment. Shio unclenched his hand and blade slid back in, a quick check to make sure it was working before the mission.

As he reached the reactor, Shio slipped into the opening Slader had made. Inside it was dark and quiet, perfect for him. Shio slowed his breathing immensely and took careful steps, it was just barely disearnable in the quite but was sure he heard Slader going around too. He could try and be quiet but that giant sword he always carried was not made for sneaking around, that's why Shio's weapon was hidden and easy to carry.

As he made his way to the reactor he was a large Juggernaut SOLDIER guarding the doors. He wore thick armor and his broadswords were strapped to his sides. Shio smiled a little cruelly as he watched the SOLDIER, armor was tough, but when it was frozen it shattered like glass. He gently made his way to the SOLDIER, slowing his breathing even more. If he could get close enough he could flash freeze the armor, it wouldn't reach the person inside but then it could be taken off. Hopefully if Slader was nearby he'd be able to quickly get there and use his weapon to bust through it in one go, otherwise Shio would have to break it off piece by piece, and the last thing they needed here was a prolonged fight to draw attention.
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