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Izual opened his eyes to find darkness and a strange pulsing on the scar on his chest. A voice in the darkness called to him, beckoning him to come closer, demanding him to give in. Izual tried to shout, but it was no use, no sound came from him. The voice continued ”Come to me…” Looking far into the darkness to discover the source for the voice a flame erupted in front of him. A claw reached for Izual’s face and the voice screamed ”Come to me!”

Objects in the room were floating and Izual shot up in the bed he had rented within the inn. Every object that was in the air hit the floor loudly. Wiping the sweat from his forehead Izual stood and looked in the mirror on the wall. He saw his face, yet with horns and red glowing eyes, but with a quick blink the horns disappeared and Izual’s eyes were the same blue, with a small tint of red. Izual brushed back his hair and sighed. ”Another nightmare…Nothing more. Izual collected his e-set from the end table and grabbed his jeans from the floor. Getting dressed while clicking the missed calls button on his phone, he then set it on the table. The e-set was an interesting device. The only of its kind and wildly multi-versatile, being Izual’s best invention by far. It was four steel bars connected in a small rectangle. The whole circuit board was in them. The screen was a hologram, yet completely touch screen. Millions of different gadgets in Izual’s pocket, whenever he was asked about this machine Izual would gladly give them the whole story.

A feminine voice from the e-set said, ”Good afternoon Izual, sleep in again?” This was the computer’s AI Izual had named “Nat”. She ran the computer hardware in the base and the e-set, along with most of Izual’s security system and robots. Izual sighed ”Stop giving me a hassle Nat… Who called?” Nat then continued ”Duriel called but a few moments ago, I knew you were asleep so I ignored it.” Izual, now fully dressed, reached for his belt with his two weapons on it, Frost and Shade. Shade was already glowing a jet black, which made Izual stare for a moment, but quickly the aura went down to a dim. Pushing off the strangeness, Izual placed his belt and the blades in place and said ”Ok Nat, finish the sentry gun I was working on for the base and I’ll call if I need you.” The e-set returned to its normal screen.

Izual took one more look at himself in the mirror, to make sure his hair was in place, and walked down the stairs of the inn. Looking across the loud bunch of characters in front of him he shook his head and reached for his silver framed, dark blue tint sunglasses and put them on. Opening the door of the inn he found Duriel and Gabriel leaning against the wall. A small wave towards them then he said ”Sorry, overslept a bit… So you guys good to go?” Izual was anxious for the mission. He had thought of a better idea for this reactor. He had recently discovered a virus he could implement directly into the computers in the reactor, allowing his e-set to remotely destroy it when they are safely out of the reactor. Izual had a thought of whether he should bring a bomb, or even test the virus at first, but then laughed under his breath and thought ”Almost forgot I was me for a second.”
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