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"Are you nervous?" This voice aroused his senses, and upon raising his eyes from the ground they were met with the sight of one of the newer recruits - Gabriel, the Viera. Smirking to her, he looked cracked his neck in a confident fashion. "Unfortunately, there's not alot for me to be nervous or scared about anymore." Thinking about grabbing another cig from his pocket and lighting it up out of boredom, he glanced up to actually see Shio, sneaking off somewhere in the distance. Curiosity prodded at him.

Looking over at Gabriel, he then questioned her, though sort of rhetorically. "What about you? Nervous about your first mission?" But just as he finished, he heard movement from inside the Inn that they both leaned against innocently. Gritting his teeth, he casually let the hand that was about to glide into his pocket glide onto the hilt of the Eviscerator on his back. But thankfully, what emerged from the Inn was far less harmless than he imagined. Izual - toying with his phone, it seemed.

Watching his dawn his sunglasses as the doors closed behind him, Duriel smiled toward him, letting his grip loose of the sword. "Sorry, overslept a bitů So you guys good to go?" Chuckling a bit, Duriel felt his blood begin to pump erratically beneath the skin. Talking back to him proudly, Duriel let a wicked grin loose. "Hell yeah I'm ready! Infact, I have a good idea where we might be headed..." Unclipping the holster for his pistol just in case, Duriel looked toward the wooded area where Shio had treaded.

"Keep up if you can," he said, his classic cocky nature showing. "I'm dying to spill some blood here." And with that said, Duriel gave no time to answer. He set off running, right arm moving up to hold the familiar position it had prior to Izual's arrival - as if he could strike down God himself. He wasted no time, following Shio's apparent trail. His own hunting instincts, and that tracking device on his PDA, helped him find right where Shio had gone. His grin slowly drifting into a more serious expression, Duriel carried on.

Eventually, he came across a pair of iron gates. The way that they were torn apart from each other, he could tell this was Slader's handy-work. He knew he was close now, and he could feel Izual and Gabriel close behind. Feeling as if he was fulfilling his previous "natural born leader," boast at MOSES basic training, he slinked through the gates as quietly as possible. And before him stood the putrid giant itself - the Bog Water mako reactor. Not giving himself time take in the scenery, he hurried along.

Okay. According to his readings, both Shio and Slader were inside of this place somewhere. He figured Slader was having the same issue as he - sneaking around with a giant sword and such. But damn, did he ever hope he was going to get the first hit in on that Juggernaut SOLDIER they had been told about! That smile coming back a bit then, he could feel his skin, sticky from the shear humidity that accompanied the town. The radar detected Shio up ahead as Duriel moved in the shadows.

And then, it came into view - the beast of an adversary, the Juggernaut. If a bead of sweat could roll down his head in that 70% humidity, it would have. He was expecting a much smaller tough guy, but it was no matter. But eh, what did he have to lose? After all, in battle, stealth and perfect precision were not part of his plan. Clearly seeing Shio as Duriel strode in, he stopped behind him, smiling. As it came to be in his mind, the only thing he could think was, "Yeah, fuck stealth."

Crouching then as he approached Shio from behind, Duriel lept in one swift motion, letting out a ferocious battle cry as he did so, clearing the top of his team mate's head. Swinging the Eviscerator bravely, he tried his very hardest to bring the sword right down on the monster of a man's head. Unfortunately, this was not to happen as planned, as Duriel's blade was blocked by the SOLDIER crossing his now drawn blades in midair. The pushing contest went on for several seconds, but eventually Duriel decided to repel backward of his own accord.

Hoisting it into a battle stance, he faced the Juggernaut who finally brought his blades down, his face masked from the nose up. Huffing a bit, he dared not turn his back, but he did address him. "Hey Shio. Haven't seen you all day!" And with the last syllable spoken loudly, Duriel rushed in again for a second assault, this time as the blade's clashed, Duriel's producing some mild fireworks due to it's Fire materia. "Give up, you big oaf!" The blades grinded back and forth, neither of them giving an inch.
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