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Izual scratched the back of his right leg with his left foot, put his hands behind his head and sighed. He turned to Gabriel and said ”Always wanting to have fun, he is… Anyway.” He then tapped his sunglasses opening a computer menu on the right lens. Giving him the fastest route to the reactor in a second, hoping to gain an edge on Duriel, he leaped over the dumpster on the side of the inn and set off in a different direction. Much to Izual’s dismay, Duriel had too much of a head start, and he ended up right behind him. Izual heard Duriel struggling and Izual stopped in his tracks at the sight of the monster of a man.

A huge man in thick armor, yet, something was strange. Icicles flew towards the Juggernaut ”There’s Gabriel I guess.” Whilst Duriel and Gabriel fought Izual continued to analyze. He stood now knowing what they were up against by hacking into ShinRa’s main frame, allowing him to get a full description of the SOLDIER. While Duriel was struggling to push the man back Izual moved into action.

Izual darted towards the enemy with precision, rounding behind him. He withdrew his blade, Frost, and channeled energy into a frost slash. A devastating blow crashed onto the back of the Juggernaut, yet, it didn’t even notice the blow. The slash, however, was not ineffective. It had left a huge hole in the armor and allowed Izual to see right into the SOLDIER, or rather, the android. Reaching inside of the Juggernaut-bot, as the information on it rendered its name, he ripped the power-cell out from its back and the android fell to the ground.

Izual sheathed Frost and stood while sighing. ”Apparently ShinRa wasn’t able to duplicate their creation of the Juggernaut Soldier… So they created several of these androids… They are hidden within this reactor.” Duriel seemed annoyed by how easily Izual was able to defeat this and he could only assume what Gabriel was thinking, but using technology to outwit his long-time friend always made him extremely happy.

Looking towards Shio, who Izual hadn’t even noticed until now, Izual waved childishly, flailing his right arm high above his head. ”We killed the scary monsters!” Izual called to Shio. He then cocked his head back to Gabriel and Duriel, ”We should begin our mission though… I’m sure Slader is far ahead of us… And if we hang back for too long we won’t have any fun.” Izual walked to the door and lifted his hand slowly. He formed a Shadow Orb and blew the door off its hinges, knocking out the two guards behind it. ”Sorry guys…” He stepped over them. He then called behind him ”It’s pretty clear guys! We should get going!”
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