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Slader wrote: Anyways, looks like the spam I was told about is gone, so that takes care of that problem. Hopefully it won't happen again. The RP section is dead enough and some people want to scare more people off, how upsetting. Well, let's get back to business, hopefully uninterrupted.
It was based off a meme called Jackface, and it was a phase some of our fellow RPers went through last night.

Welcome to the trolling world of The Lifestream Forums. Trust me, stay in the forums a bit longer and you'll learn this isn't the worst these morons have done.

Also, I don't quite call the RP section dead. Yes, it only had 1 RP going, and yes, the section don't quite have a heck of a lot of members, but regular posting and discussion doesn't make the section dead, just small. I take offense to the use of the word "dead".

V1215 wrote: Why can't moderators just do their job...
... because one of them was part of it? Trust me, if they were trying to chase away anyone there'd be no-one in General Discussion or Shoutbox as well.

Also, there's no point deleting any of your posts, because as far as I'm concerned, no-one really gives a shit about ideas coming from an URPG. I wish I could have said this more nicely, but honestly neither you nor anyone else has anything to gain from deleting your posts so that the story gets that much harder to follow.

Back on task, how many of these Juggernaut SOLDIER androids are there? Tens? Hundreds? I'd just like a heads up just so I can plan my post for what's up ahead.
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