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Sheva Alomar

I did take part in a bit of spamming, but I didn't attack this thread. I deleted the posts that intruded on your RP and those who did spam weren't planning on doing it again. No one is stealing ideas from anyone else, by the way.

And yeah, I do have time for things other than just being some boring moderator because I'm also a real person with a personality and an easy-going one at that. As such, I believe that this drama you've brought up has been absolutely pointless. I spoke to a couple of participants in this RP and I can understand wanting to just relax and have fun with this sort of thing. At the same time, you can't let "spam" ruin your whole day. Laugh at it and move on. Like I did here, just have a mod delete annoying (or whatever you wish to call them) posts and move on.

It really is a shame you take the internet a bit too seriously, but go where you want with your RP, dude.
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