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I don't see how, with enough time on their hands, they can't make a voiced character with a bajillion dialogue options (read: The Witcher). Bioware's decision to narrow the character down between three personality archetypes was a deliberate design choice.

I certainly agree that more choices would be neato, but I actually played the first Mass Effect before I played Origins and I actually found it really difficult to go back to watching a mute protagonist telepathically communicating via text on screen. There is such an absolute disconnect in that regard. Some consider it an immersive way for a player to involve themselves by projecting more easily without someone else's voice to bother them, idk.
I just think it's one of those archaic RPG things that we don't necessarily need.

Opposite to ME3's multiplayer, I'm not sure how they're going to implement multiplayer in Dragon Age. Maybe a room session structure ala the great Neverwinter Nights or Diablo?
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