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Ultimasamune wrote: Shademp, did you notice a difference in the max number of squats in the mini game across versions? Steve's guide says 68, Kirbyarm's says 67, and player comments are split pretty much down the middle. I've done the mini-game around 15 times now and always gotten 67. Is everyone just lying?
I'm not sure what's going on, honestly. I have only gotten 67 at the most, but some people might be counting the final squat that can be seen when the minigame fades out but that doesn't enter into the squat counter.

In the words of Rufus Shinra (ACC), "it is merely my speculation".

Also I should mention that I haven't picked up CC, or any game, for some time now. Life has been a train wreck.
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Clement Rage wrote: All hail Shademp, God of Dirge.
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