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The Twilight Mexican wrote: I watched the first season, but haven't started the second yet. My girlfriend hasn't seen any of it, so I'm going to have to start over anyway.

Also, should I avoid this thread for now or will we mark spoilers?
Will mark spoilers, I was just being a cryptic douche

nothing specific discussed, just some general season impressions and thoughts I am really curious to see everyone's thoughts on the degrees of which characters are redeemable after this season and why.

I found myself incredibly weepy this season. Almost every episode I felt something worth crying over. That probably has a lot to do with hormonal fluctuations, but the writers definitely upped the intensity since s1. Don't get me wrong - it remains hilarious - but there were certain scenes where I was simply wrecked.

Really excited to see the critical responses to this show. I definitely felt a lot more sympathy for the [sorta well-intentioned, but often still horrible] dude characters than I did last season. I think that is a really interesting juxtaposition to the "main villain" of the season, who is just so unquestionably horrible. I'm curious how people will respond to how the show depicts this character.


YOU FUCKING GO MISS ROSA. Just. Omg. That was so touching and inspirational I just couldn't deal. Usually I'm pretty resilient to cancer stories but god that one just snuck up from behind and kicked me in the ass. I never expected this character to be as important to the show as she ended up being.

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