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Ⓐaron wrote: Dacon left over this, so yeah, I feel pretty invested. I mean, if you guys want to keep making yourselves seem like more and more of a joke, then go right ahead.
Dacon left because of RL troubles, and not wanting to get caught up with arguing over the people he didn't like here. There's more important shit in life than this place. From what I understood I thought the only person on staff he said he didn't like was MOG.

So in other words, you don't really care what the members want and you're going to do things your way. Glad we've got that out of the way.
...Now this is where I would say you're putting words in my mouth. It'd be nice if you didn't do the same thing you admonished me for. We never said we don't care what the members think, and we've had members vote for mods before. However in this case, we felt an appointment of someone new who doesn't have their opinions and judgments colored by the previous happenings and interactions with members here, would be a good idea. A blank slate in regards to what goes on here.

I really fail to see how someone who just joined a message board is going to be as valuable a source of input as someone who's been a member of a board since or near its inception and has had time to get well acquainted with the atmosphere of a place and its strengths and weaknesses. Anyone you add to staff is by nature going to be a fresh voice to staff.
Because everyone here on staff is a veteran, and we want a new perspective that isn't one belonging to a veteran or long time member here to give their two cents on matters here. It's a unique and new perspective that hasn't been on staff before.

It helps me understand why you thought it was a good idea, but it doesn't convince me any further that it actually was a good idea.
Well I'm not sure what else I can do to convince you. However, maybe you could be convinced by actually seeing how it works out. It's not like its going to hurt anyone.
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