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>Part Seven
Chapter 12: The Once and Future Slab

Location : Thousand Cuts

Required Sidequest(s)
  • None

Bonus Sidequest(s)
  • The Bane Rewards you with The Bane gun.
  • Shoot This Guy in the Face
  • Poetic Liscense


Chapter 13: The Man Who Would Be Jack

Location : Opportunity

Required Sidequest(s)
  • Home Movies
  • Written by the Victor
  • Statuesque - Rewards you with a custom head!

Bonus Sidequest(s)
  • Hell Hath No Fury
  • Rocko’s Modern Strife
  • DEfend Slab Tower
  • Hyperion Contract 873
  • 3:10 to Kaboom
  • Breaking the Bank
  • Showdown - Rewards you with the Deputy’s Badge relic.
  • Animal Rescue: Medicine
  • ^Animal Rescue: Food
  • ^Animal Rescue: Shelter


Summary and Questions

Summary: Back at the Crimson Raider’s Headquarters, Roland sends you on a mission to deliver a note to an ex-Crimson Raider known as the ‘Slab King’ in Thousand Cuts. You arrive in Thousand Cuts where you power through bandits in order to reach the King, all whilst being accused of being a Hyperion Assassin and listening to the King lament the death of his pup, Dusty. You finally reach the fortress where the King resides, but before he will work with you, the King has you fight several more of his men in order to prove your worth. After killing the last of his Slabs, the Slab King jumps down to your level and reveals himself to be Brick.

Brick agrees to help you penetrate the bunker with the use of his buzzards—that’s when you’re attacked by Jack’s mortars. You and Brick quickly destroy the beacons that are guiding the mortars and return to Sanctuary. There, Angel communicates tells you how to bypass the door that will only open for Jack. She instructs you to travel to Opportunity and kill one of his doubles in order to obtain a bio-scan and voice modulator.

You go through Opportunity, activating kiosks spouting out propaganda voiced by Jack and murdering his double, obtaining all you need to get past Jack’s door. You’re testing out how you sound as Jack when Angel yells out in pain.

“You seriously thought you could hide from me, Angel?” Jack says to her.

You return to Sanctuary where Lilith and Roland are having an argument as to whether or not Lilith is tagging along with Roland to get the Vault Key. Things are set in motion to break in.

  1. You’ve been given a chance to explore Opportunity, Jack’s vision of a quintessential town. Visually, it’s a stark contrast to what you’ve seen on the harsh lands of Pandora, which is dotted with abandoned infrastructure and bandit slums, but in what ways do you find Opportunity and everything it represents similar to bandit camps and the like of Pandora? Do you think Jack is that much different from any of the bandits you’ve encountered?
  2. Do you think the idea of a utopia such as Opportunity is in and of itself a bad thing? If so, in what ways would you take in order to bring ‘order’ to Pandora?
  3. Are you in any way shape or form sympathetic to Jack’s plight in ‘civilising’ Pandora?
  4. Did the propaganda you encountered remind you of anything in particular either recently or in history?
  5. (Newbies) What do you predict will happen with Angel? Do you think Lilith should stay in Sanctuary or help fight?
  6. (Vets) Now we’ve seen all the old Vault Hunters! Who was your favourite reveal/made you fangasm the hardest??
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