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Well, it's basically the same old but worse. It's not really a bad game but it's definitely not awesome.
First of all, the controls are still very much outdated. The characters still feel like cars when controlling them.
You still can't move or dodge properly when engaged in a fight. You still have to hold down a button to run (which is 95% of the time) instead of just using the analog stick to control whether you wanna walk or run.
Aiming doesn't feel very precise. I wish I could use my Wiimote D=

Lots of recycled animations from RE4. It feels too much the same.
Menu doesn't pause the game, it's all in real-time. They probably wanna make it more realistic and increase the panic factor but I found it to be rather annoying. =/

And the worst thing of all:
Sheva. Damn her to hell. The whole game she'll be there and ironically, you'll have to babysit that chick more than you ever had to babysit Ashley. At least she knew to stay the fuck away from enemies and you could tell her to fuck off to some corner and be quiet while you were playing John Rambo and fucked up half of Spain's population.

Not with this chick. "OHLOLZ, I can heff gunz, so Im moar bettar rite?"


She is an annoying pest who'll only mess up your performance and cry for help or ask you for ammo when you just can't be arsed to do so because four or five angry Africans are chopping your dick in half and you somehow need to get away from them.

Like just now, I had this chainsaw thing coming after me along with some other enemies and I just wanted to get away and get some distance between them and myself so I could shoot away from a safe position. Chocolate-Jill didn't think so and got killed of course.

Naturally, it's Game Over for you if she dies.

Also, she stole ammo that I wanted to pick up a couple of times even though she had more than I did. >_>

So yeah, she's my main gripe about the thing. Sure it'll be a lot of fun playing co-op with a human player but she'll get really annoying in single player.
God, I fucking hate games that force you to co-operate with some dumbshit AI character. =/

On a more positive note, there's finally a quick change option for up to four items. Considering that the menu doesn't pause the game though this is really a necessity then simply a choice out of convenience.

P.S.: Dacon, get your ass in here.
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