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Ygritte wrote: Try this?
You think we should have three articles horizontally underneath the top story before we have some vertically as well? I suppose that could work. I'd be inclined to have descriptions on the horizontal articles, but not for the vertical ones underneath, to avoid it becoming too cluttered. I would probably also remove the recent article highlights section and return to having the most recently updated forum posts there, if we are going to keep that section.

In fact, I can see that layout looking pretty good. I can knock up a proper draft of it sometime this week, so we can see it side-by-side with my first one and make a decision on which one to proceed with.

I can see what you were going for with the Happening Now bar, but I think we'd risk simply duplicating our top stories there most of the time, as we don't actually have that many "events" to broadcast. That's why I think we should switch it off when nothing is happening, so that it actually grabs a bit of attention when it is there (and when it is active, we could have it visible on all our posts, if we wanted to).
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