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^ I agree that current page design being quite long, with a low information density at the top, which was something I sought to address with my first draft. The community news banner (or the "happening now" bar, as we call it) takes up a fair amount of space, but if it can be disabled when it's not in use, then that won't be much of a problem. I experimented with a new location for it in my second draft, which is largely based on Fangu's mock-up.

Now that it's ready, I think I prefer the first draft, but working on this has given me some more ideas which I'd like to incorporate into a "compromise" layout. I like the forum box on this version, for example. Instead of returning the most recently active threads on the whole forum - which creates the problems I described earlier - now it fetches the one most recently active thread from each of our Final Fantasy sub-forums. They are the ones we want to be promoting to our visitors, after all, and unlike General Discussion, they're available to view without needing to be logged in.

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