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The 50 Shin-RA infantrymen challenge was issued to Zack Fair, who was never just any Second. Zack Fair was being trained to be First by Angeal since well before we begin Crisis Core. The entire reason Zack was issued this challenge in the first place is because he is an exceptionally industrious person who goes out of his way to help others through martial means, takes missions other SOLDIERs are too weak to handle and prides himself as being a protector of Midgar, something the Infantrymen have been given little reason to expect from SOLDIER otherwise.

And Luxiere is undoubtably the prime example of the complacent masses that depreciate the SOLDIER name, the ones that don't deign to exit their floor in Shin-RA HQ unless it is to board a helicopter to be towed to and from their assignments. He is not, as my counterpart would presume to tell you, “your hero”. Every single word out of Luxiere's mouth is either asking for leadership from Zack, expressing his admiration for his betters, lamenting how ill-equipped SOLDIER is too keep going without Lazard, until finally he asks Zack to surrender in his final message, in a last ditch effort to get through the assignment of capturing him without actually ever having to take the sword off his back.

Is this a man you'd trust to pull through when he finds himself in a one on one battle to the death in a strange environment?

Consider what he is up against. Our Chocobo Driver is always on the move as a solo operative, travelling from one corner of the monster-filled Planet to the other tearing three of the most beautiful young women in the world away from their family, friends or lovers away to be delivered as Corneo's would be bride to be every day. He is ruthless and methodical, well versed in how to intimidate someone into passivity for a long ride back to Wall Market without having to raise his hand against a pretty face to blemish it with bruises before presentation time.

This encounter places them in a stranger's home in a sudden desperate fight against an unknown assailant. This is a situation the chocobo driver has placed himself in hundreds if not thousands of time in his pursuit to find Corneo a worthy bride. Everything we know of Luxiere tells us he is a boy, who never expected to have to take care of himself in a grown-ups world.

Cid's home does not offer the standard supply of Materia that Luxiere can expect to be placed in his lunchbox at the onset of every trip out of HQ. It does however house an assault rifle and if it isn't locked and loaded already, surely ammo is stuffed somewhere in this home of a former fighter pilot. The most likely outcome of this encounter is the Chocobo Driver gunning down Luxiere who freezes up, finding himself alone and unequipped to deal with the harsh realities of what life on the Planet can be like for the unprivileged for the first time.
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